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billy pilgrim


Now where's that Rush medley, eh?

Happy Holidays to the Blues!!


Wonderful, BG!

Thanks for omitting that Rush medley...

Pinko Punko

Where are the Three B! themed replacement lyrics??? HELLO?? Why isn't Phil guesting on the track!!!!!

Merry Christmas, homeless Phil Collins! Thanks BG!!



sorry to hear about the bake-off, but this is pretty great

Almost Canadian

Neddie and Blue you guys rock! And hats off to the Skimmer for the artwork. Just think, in 6 more years you guys will have enough for an album.


Whaaaa-Whooooo!!!! You Know what I mean...Great Job....Blue Nana is going to FREAK!!!!


btw, this one is way better than last year's :)

blue girl

Thanks everyone!!

BP, Jeddie and I were going to do a Rush medley, but my voice is about eight keys lower than Geddy's.



AWESOME! As per usual. Happy holidays. :)


Really terrific. BG, you have such a good voice, and Neddie did an especially great job on the guitar. I dig the artwork, too.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


This is wonderful!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Now that's a party!


That's just lovely.

Res Publica

Fan-effin-tastic! That was GREAT! You are easily the coolest heterosexual I've ever known.

billy pilgrim

GB, if you just squeeeeeze the Skimmer's yarbles JUST right, he'll be able to do the early Geddy voice.

Later Geddy you'll do fine on. "A baking warrior/ mean kitchen stride/Today's Jane Sawyer/ mean video pride..."

M.A. Peel

BG, you are SO the party.


Very well done! I'll have to play that for Stirling (twin #1) later as he has become the very embodiment of Christmas spirit despite his father's Grinch-like tendencies.

Merry Xmas from myself and the brood!


Merry Christmas!


mark h

Rocked my socks off.

Connie & Steve

What fun! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones...


Merry Christmas to the Family Blue!

neddie jingo

You are easily the coolest heterosexual I've ever known.

And I, the coolest Presbyterian....

Michael Bains

Rock-n-Roll Xmas!!1 Wooh00! Your voice really reminds me, especially on this one (though I've been listening to last year's CB xmas song on my Shuffle since about September) reminds me of Katrina's from Katrina and the Waves. Not exactly, of course, but like hers in that you're strong and solid and sound Very Happy.

Very Cool.

You guys are So GooD together! I love it.

Happy Holidays all around!

blue girl

Thanks everybody! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas if you were indeed Chrismassing yesterday.

LOL at Res and Jeddie.

MB, billy pilgrim will probably fall off his chair laughing if he reads this, but I *love* the song "Walking on Sunshine."


Always have.

I wish the Eagles would do a rendition of it...

One can dream.

Adorable Girlfriend

It sounds awesome, BG!

Awesome, but where was Phil on back-up vocals? After all, for the price of those tickets, he should have given you something...

billy pilgrim

I'll give you a pass on "Walking on Sunshine, BG. It's a good pop song, and I always like a good pop song.

Besides, the writer and guitarist, Kimberley Rew, used to play with Robyn Hitchcock in The Soft Boys, and since he had a part in creating the Masterful "Underwater Moonlight" he gets lifetime credit.

billy pilgrim

You should see what Phil gave me.

blue girl

What did Phil give you, BP?

A drum set?

A hold on your heart?

blue girl

A Squonk?

billy pilgrim

Yeah, a big ol SQUONK.

And I had to hold the back of his head.

Squoncked right on my old cookies, he did. The pervert.

blue girl

A TV show? That, and a radio?

blue girl

I wish I had the energy to post something.

But, alas! I do not.

billy pilgrim

Shoulda had some cookies.

blue girl

BP, as of RIGHT NOW -- this is what we have in our kitchen.


Banana nut bread


Fourteen kinds of cookies my mother-in-law brought over Christmas morning

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Roll

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to wobble and roll down the stairs and finish watching my "Meet the Kardashians!" marathon...

neddie jingo

I did not know that about Kimberly Rew, Billy. The Soft Boys made living worthwhile, back in the day. Are you acquainted with the work of Martin Newell?

"Walking on Sunshine" is a great, infectious I-IV-V song, and I hold nothing against it. (Well, perhaps this staph infection...)

Pinko Punko

Homeless Phil is not amused.

billy pilgrim

Neddie, all I've got is "The Greatest Living englishman" that he did with Andy Partridge....

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