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Ha! You and me both!

To try and save some kind of sense of style in my own penmanship, I take my time, carefully listing items on the grocery list. Yeah, it's lame. But it's the only piece of paper around here not attached to the PC via printer. So...there ya go.

Now the question is....does anyone care anymore about another person's penmanship?


Cards may be addressed to me at: Snag
Guantanamo Bay

blue girl

jcricket, I don't think there's any emphasis on penmanship in school these days at all. But, I always notice and appreciate pretty penmanship when I see it. That's why I'm so appalled by mine. Having a messy "sense of style" is unique in its own way if it's done messy-well. Mine's not even that. Mine just looks like chicken scratch anymore.

Snag! I don't have to mail you -- I can just hand it to you through the bars from my cell to yours.


My handwriting falls between egotistical doctor with no time to write and paranoid head of state who's hand cramps from signing too many execution orders.


I haven't practiced my penmanship since writing "Mrs. Kathleen Phoenix" over and over again in the 7th grade.

billy pilgrim

I write like an arkiteck, with all cap block letters.

BG, obvioulsy you haven't bean paying attenshun. I've terned over a new leaf!! I'm not picking on spelling anymoor!!!

even if everyone wants to spell like wingnuts.

Res Publica

I share your pain. At some of the conference sessions I was in this week, I took notes on paper rather than unfurling Ye Olde Laptoppe, and I was pretty amazed at how shitty my longhand has gotten.


Come on people! no laughs at my Mrs. Kathleen Phoenix joke???


i don't know why I try, i give and i give *mumble, mumble* ....

blue girl

Kathleen, I got a kick out of your comment. Made me think (for awhile, actually) about me writing "Brad's" name over and over and over in 6th grade.


Brad. Brad. Brad. Brad.

I *heart* Brad.

See how perfectly I typed that?!

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