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Yes, he does seem to be wrong about everything, but I doubt he'll ever care.

Dan Leo

360 very long days left, Blue.


Even better, he mistakes a horse thief for a missionary. If that doesn't say everything you need to know about this administration, I don't know what does.

blue girl

Brando, isn't it just....spectacular? I just could not get over that when I read it.

The Skimmer's been yelling for years now whenever Bush comes out and has *an answer* to something, "EVERYONE, DO THE OPPOSITE! IF THAT'S WHAT HE THINKS, YOU KNOW IT'S WRONG!"

Oh my God. I cannot wait till he's gone.


I laugh because I hurt.

blue girl

I know, Lucy. I know!

I had to stop watching the SOTU because he was acting and talking like such an arrogant fool.

billy pilgrim

I turned on the SOTU for less than a minute last night- towards the end, wanted to see whether Olbermann was commenting yet, or the Dem rebuttal had started -

and in those paltry few second, there it was, like a glistening turd; he said "nuculer"

There aren't enough swear words.

Mendacious D

You know what I'm looking forward to next January?

Blogging about fewer things that irritate me.

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