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Larry Jones

Whadda you guys, Burns and Allen?


Grizzled is always breaking our carafe. What is it with men thinking the carafe needs to be sanitized?

In a pinch, I've made coffee using hot water poured through coffee I've put in a collender (using a spread out filter of course). Those are the days I regret having gotten rid of my Chemex pot. I should get a press pot just in case. Grizzled would probably break that as well.

As for your yellow scoop, I think that's an excellent choice. It'll wake you up enough to make the coffee that is supposed to wake you up. :)

Dan Leo

These are the days of our lives.

Kathleen M.

If it's a good shock-yellow maybe it won't get lost.


Sure, drink out of a filthy carafe. Just don't blame us when you get rubella or rickets or something.

coffee maker

Roasted beans come in many flavors. Cinnamon or light beans refer to the color only. They are very acidic and very high in caffeine. American roast or medium is fractionally darker and used by Folger and Yuban, but not the best quality. City roast or dark is a specialty item with less caffeine and the taste is acidic, but the final cup is not so bitter. It is an average type espresso. French roast is very dark and oily in appearance, but not burnt. They give a full-bodied flavor. Italian roast is used for the best espresso drinks. It is the darkest colour, a strong aroma, the least amount of acid, has the lowest caffeine and is much sweeter. This sweetness results from the carmelization of the beans' sugars during roasting. The lower caffeine levels result from being burned away during roasting. The result is a mellow cup of coffee.

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