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I have a close friend who is an upper level New York state bureaucrat. He was in a meeting with Paterson once and described the following to me:

"So, the director of DOT, who was sitting at the other end of a long conference table from Paterson answered a question about overspends on some bridge repairs by saying he'd had no foreknowledge of them.

Paterson raised his hand and stopped the follow up conversation by accusing the Director of being less than truthful.

There was an awkward silence then Paterson explained he could hear the Director's resting pulse rate change during his answer - speeding up from 72 beats per minute to 96, he also smelled subtle changes in pheromones indicating a rapid release of certain hormones indicated in deception and finally could feel the air pressure changes from the Director's subtle position changes. The whole room kind of gasped and remained silent. T

hen one of Paterson's aides snickered and Paterson chuckled and said "Nah, I'm just fucking with you, I can't do all that shit."

Disclaimer: I made that all up. I WAS JUST FUCKING WITH YOU.


And just how clever are you? Why didn't I think of scanning a copy of the article and posting it? Duh!

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