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“Ed will wrap the session up with a forecast of sales. Cool?”

Really? Forecast of sales cool? That's like saying Clay Akin, cool. What's with that?

And capri jeans? Not quite shorts. Not long pants. Just something some designer invented when they were running out of material. Man I hate those things.


BG: I like capri jeans. Wear them myself in the summer.

Skimmer: Must be a guy thing. Mr. Wren hates capri jeans, or any capris made of any material, too. This puzzles me.

Kathleen in Oakland

Glad your home office is up and running again! Though annoying to have to run run run to Starbucks, you at least developed content to provide enjoyment to your readers!! :)

oh, and the AWESOMENESS of the Spped Racer movie has clearly made "Cool Beans" cool. I'm surprised you didn't know that.**

** said in Chris Farley voice from Tommy Boy. (I decided I needed to clarify, since it sounds really rude if no one gets what I am referencing.)


I say "cool beans" occasionally and always feel a bit of a fuddy duddy when I say it, but I try and own it when it happens. :)

angry ballerina





my whole life revolves around me saying cool beans to people and watching their reactions.

John Freeland

Regarding some modern colloquialisms expressed in the above post and comments, when I was a kid those "capris" were called "clam-diggers," a near useless term now as hardly anyone would dig clams even if they had the opportunity. Clam diggers went with "boat-neck" shirts like a knife and fork.

"Capris" were Chevies.

I cut off a pair of old khaki pants a few weeks ago but didn't take quite enough off. They are a length and bagginess my younger daughter refers to as "gauchos."

We live in a small town - not especially cool. My older daughter, a devout vegetarian, often says "cool beans."

Michael Bains

Can beans really even be cool? I'd say only if they're groovy.

I’ve had to listen to their words.

Ewwwww! {sniker} And hopefully respond appropriately. Glad ya got yer internets back. Ain't nothin' cool 'bout a down internets.

Adorable Girlfriend

That was a big phrase of the Architect's. Except it was worse, he'd make it: cool beanies!

I always hated it.

Kathleen M

Blue plastic booties? I've wanted a pair all my life. Does one need to become a Cable Guy to get the booties? Does using the pronoun "one" instead of "I" or "you" disqualify a person from becoming a Cable Guy?
So who's uncool? I don't even drink coffee. Imagine how wordy a person I might be if I did.

Huey Lewis

I find your squareness rather hip.

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