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*Tell* me you had ice cream at Jeni's, which is on the other side of that mural. If not, we should definitely go there together sometime. I almost went to Comfest, but decided to be a shut-in this weekend. :)


BG, you need to move to California. Festivals like these happen every weekend on the left coast. I try to stay away. You can only take so much tie dye, reggae and you know.....


Between the topless women, and the speedo wearing gang of gay men I was totally amazed at the diversity and uniqueness of this gathering.

Columbus, Ohio is not the sleepy little mid-west state capital you may think it is.


Sadly Mr. Skimmer, for 364 days in a year, it is...

Adorable Girlfriend

Wow. Philadelphia is not hip enough for such festivals. Anyone for the Cherry Blossom festival next year?

blue girl

Anyone for the Cherry Blossom festival next year?

I would *love* that, AG!


I might have been inclined to say...sounds cool, but after reading a previous post I am reluctant to ever utter that word again.

I've enjoyed the short north district a few times.... although as someone not that familiar with columbus I've always been puzzled as to how it got that name!!

definitely sounds as if it's something to check out in years to come....nothing like a good street festival in my book.

blue girl

"Cool" away, Kim!

I continually embrace my inner cool and outer hip every chance I get. Even if I'm just a lame mom. :)

And I'm with you on the "Short North" name. I don't how that name came to be. Maybe Claire (who's from Columbus can enlighten us!)


Hmmm. Bossy thinks that particular usage of the word Trust deserves quotes around it.

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