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AWESOME!!!! Tell him I am so proud of him!!!!! We all are -


What a heart is right! I know whole families who've shaved their heads in solidarity, but the one hold-out? Usually a teen-age boy. Girls, too, but more often the boy.
So, way to go, BK!
(BG, there are so many other ways you can support and care for your step-dad. Don't lose that gorgeous long red hair! I can't imagine how that would make anyone happy.)


Wow! I'm tingling all over. Beautiful.


What a great kid! This is a fantastic post.


aww wtg Blue Kid :)


He's a great kid. When I get depressed I just think of Blue Kid, and thank God for all I have.

I'm going to shave my head too. Although it just doesn't have the same drama. Like shaving a peach. You barely notice.


He is a great kid. Skimmer we could shave our heads together but no one would notice

blue girl

LOL@ The Skimmer and The Cooler!

Ooops. I mean, I'm laughing with the two of you. Yes, with...


Kathleen in Oakland

so sweet.

and I love "And the roots of the tree are going to wrap around the world and it’s going to say Citizen of the World."

he is just a really great person.

Dan Leo

Good kid. Now I hope he lets it grow out again. There's a few too many of these Yul Brynner look-alikes walking around, at least here in Philly. Last night I'm walking to the gym and I see three thirtyish dudes walking down the street together -- all three had the Curly Stooge cut! Didn't they feel weird, like they were all wearing exactly the same suit?

Ah well, at one time it would have been three dudes all wearing ponytails. Or mullets. Just don't let Blue Kid get a mullet.


The Family Blue has made me cry. But in a good way. You guys are too awesome for words.


I'm actually crying real tears right now. I love the beautiful elegance of your family stories. BK is such an amazing kid, and he proves my theory that teenagers are really great people who get a really bad rep.

Also, the tattoo sounds fabulous.


Hey BG & Skimmer - I took BK's lead last night and let the girls cut mine all off - They told me I look "pretty", then they told me I look like a "boy".....It feels very empowering - I told BG, I feel so strong - Hopefully Boppa will feed off this new found energy!!!

blue girl

Yay, yaya!

And thanks, everyone, for your great comments. I do have a great kid. Even though I might ground him the minute he wakes up...just because. I'm sure he'll do something to deserve it. Pre-emptive grounding!

johnny rotten of sunnybrook farm

Thanks for that story BG. Very nice, and it makes me feel better.

I like the new Coldplay too. I've resisted them for some time, but the song Viva la Vida hooked me.

I expect my IMS credentials to be revoked any day now.

Next thing you know, I'll be listening to the Eagles.

Or Michael McDonald.


What an awesome kid with definitely a big heart. And my father's grandchildren call him Boppa too, by the way!


You done good, BG.


Seriously, I am taking parenting notes. You and The Skimmer have raised a true winner.

Adorable Girlfriend

Totally, Brando. I know Libby will turn out the same way. She has equally good parents.


Thanks, Jeremy. I kinda figured someone would say it for me.

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