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I too was a failure - but I did hit the double digits - probably because I like to cook! I'm a total sucker for quizzes....this one has to be one of the funniest I've seen!

if wore seamed hose, I'm sure my seams would be crooked!

Adorable Girlfriend

AG is not married. :(


I was a failure too! My husband is a furnace and it's his job to warm my feet. And it's expected that I wake up in the morning chipper? HA!


I scored a 105 and was a Very Superior 1930s husband. I am not sure if this makes me a good guy or Sexlamofascist.

johnny rotten of sunnybrook farm

I got a -37, Failure.

I think it was the thing about not keeping my stocking seams straight that really killed me.

johnny rotten of sunnybrook farm

I also got Very Superior as a 1930s husband Sexlamofascist, but Brando is Sexlamofascistier.

I think writing on the table cloth screwed me on that one.


Failed worse than college physics. Check out the book Storm Clouds Over Party Shoes by Sheila Norgate. Pretty funny.

As for cold feet, why would we have husbands who are warm if we couldn't put our feet on them? Otherwise we'd just have socks. But they can't reach all the stuff I need my husband to get for me.


I scored a 24, which is "poor" but not failing. I think for the meal-cooking and child-rearing I do. I did, however, lose points for all of the gossip and vulgarity--that and the complete lack of interest in my husband's hobby (but it's Dungeons and Dragons, so seriously folks).


Wow! I tanked! -2!!! That's surprising since I'm more adept at traditional skills than many around me. I do love a good risque story though...


I was a -1! Oh, whither did go my housewiferly skillz?


I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I got a 47.


my husband results, I got an 83--very superior



By the way, I got a -7. Sounds like my college physics grades to me. I am obviously a sucky wife no matter how you look at it.

Ken Houghton

After reading these comments, I feel much better about getting an 8. (Since I'm slow, and my source scored high and her Aussie-native spouse got triple-digits.)


This is hilarious! Good thing I'm single.

I got a -16 and I even lied about wearing a clean apron.

Where do you buy aprons?

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