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The Skimmer

RATS!!! I'm with you Blue. Nothing against Tiger. He will be the best ever. But God bless Rocco, he's a real life "Tin Cup" kind of guy. Tiger has many more major wins in him, but this may have been Rocco's last chance.

blue girl

I'm sad for Rocco but he was a class act right up till the end.

I was confused by the final score, but they gave Rocco a free drop when he put the 2nd shot too close to the stands. It was right up against a wall. Couldn't hit it. I thought he'd have to take a penalty. Guess not.

blue girl

I've been trying to find a clip of that great scene from Tin Cup. But, no one has it! Unbelievable!

The Uncanny Canadian

I was in a bar last night getting ready to watch the Celtics game, and before the game they had the US Open on the TVs. Even though I am largely indifferent to the winner, I can't help but get captured by the drama of the moment. When Tiger sunk the 12 footer to tie it up, the entire bar erupted in applause and cheers. I had been utterly unaware that anybody else was equally transfixed by the game. I wish I could have seen today's 18th hole as well.

blue girl

I can't help but get captured by the drama of the moment.

I know, UC, me too. Last night was just *great!*

Today's last hole wasn't that dramatic. Maybe a *little* -- cuz Tiger missed his putt for birdie and slowly fell to his knees, staring up at the sky...

Why, God? Why!

Rocco had a chance with his putt to stay alive, but he knocked it past the hole.


Larry Jones

Wow. I am at the virtual edge of my virtual seat, a full day later. Be still, my (virtual) heart!


Live blogging golf ? Go ahead. Reading about you watching is quicker than having my own walk ruined . :)

Tiger does something amazing often enough, that it is interesting .


who'd of thunk.... eh gads!!!

regarding golf don't do it but I must have been some scottish golfer in a past life - I come from a family of golfers and married a guy who loves it (but thank goodness isn't an addict - neither time nor pocketbook allows for that) .... for me golf is like dogs - I LOVE the concept but don't want the responsibility. give me a cat any day!!

Adorable Girlfriend

I have to admit, I did not catch any of this. Thanks for live blogging it and bringing me into the excitement.


Blue Girl, I am afraid I snorted far too much at the title of this post before I read the content. I really hope parenthood doesn't change that.

Adorable Girlfriend

Funny Brando. I was just thinking that Res should see this post title. He'd have stories!!!

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