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BG, what a great story. Thank you for sharing it. God, you're such a good writer. I like Tim Russert even more now. What a tragedy.

Adorable Girlfriend

This story made me cry. I will miss Tim Russert. He gave me hope when there was none during the past 8 years. My heart goes out to his family.


Bossy is just heartsick about Tim Russert. Heartsick!


Good story BG. From that and others, sounds like Russert was a nice guy . A bad "journalist" , worked hard at that , but bad for the country, politics, and the business . A mixed bag . Feel for the family, but won't miss him professionally .

Pinko Punko

Timmy was a bad journalist, and don't start me on Imus, BUT this does not suggest that Timmy was not entertaining or he was a bad person. We'll all be in the ground some day, or perhaps vaporized and we need to recognize basic aspects of humanity to have any sort of chance at a meaningful survival as a species.

Who am I kidding, there is no meaning to anything, ever.

Fade to black. Cut it, print it.

True story.


really fine story.

life is like that a lament in one ear and a song in the other.

did you by chance catch the tribute they had this morning on meet the press. very touching.

rest in peace tim russert - it does indeed seem like the good die young.

steve duncan

Russert gave a free pass to too many Bushco denizens to merit any sadness at his passing, save the sorrow his family surely suffers. I vividly remember watching numerous interviews with Cheney, Rice and others where I'd yell at the TV, "Ask him/her this or that.....................!" (insert wonderful dagger-to-the-heart inquiry helpfully provided by any number of bloggers days or weeks before said guest's appearance). There were so many apt, probing questions left on the table I lost count. These were free rides and lost opportunities to stem the bloodlust, hellbent for war mania infecting the land. Journalism it wasn't. He failed at his job in stupendous fashion. For that failure and the failures of others in his industry people died. Blue Kid should be told as much when he's ready for such truths.

blue girl

Blue Kid should be told as much when he's ready for such truths.

Blue Kid figured that out on his own already.

I'm sure you guys know this, but just as an fyi...

One blog post doesn't show a person's or a family's full thought process. Especially when it comes to a situation like this.

This post was to document (for my readers and also just for myself) a moment in time from my life.

Kathleen M

And, it was a sweet moment. I admit to knowing nothing about Tim Russert. But I do know if he was a radio or TV "personality," you might disagree with him--avidly--but you can't blame him for wrecking the country. Others were involved.

I love it that Blue Kid has figured out what's what on his own. Proud mom, indeed.


yeah like kathleen I don't no shit about tim russert other than hype after he died.... and I did watch the special for some weird reason, probably because it was father's day and my dad always watches meet the press. sunday mornings during the time meet the press is on I'm plugged into the sunday radio programs on cleveland's npr station - in fact give me npr over tv any day!

but still great story and I think timmy was 'good folk' hey anyone who venerates nuns gotta be okay.... (let's go there!! ha ha)

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