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Dennis Perrin

Now that's more like it! I expect at least three volumes filled before Obama bombs/invades either Pakistan or Iran -- or both!


That is like, so totally awesome!


i spend a lot of my time lobbing grenades of love, if you know what i mean ;) ;) ;) ;)

James R MacLean

What is the situation with the count in MO? CNN's map doesn't call it, but shows McCain with a tiny majority for the state. Is it absentee ballots, or a funky county (like Multnomah in Oregon, with extra-long ballots)?

Also: we should lob those hand grenades of love at Jim Martin, the senatorial contender in Georgia against incumbent Saxby Chambliss. The runoff in GA is 3 December.

Dan Leo

What Arthur Alexander said.


That brought on some LOLs...

Have fun over the summer!



That was 2 funny 4 words.

I love the handwriting.

zombie rotten mcdonald

needs a cartoon.




You know, after reading and re-reading, and after a couple glasses of wine - I am still asking myself, what the hell was that? (I kind of like him too....) You are so funny - here's to "O".....He grenaded me and I loooooved it...(I really have no idea what I am saying ) I am really concerned about Hurricane Paloma on Islands Cat 4.....2 more days of mindful peace - I am drinkin the wine baby drinkin the wine....keep them safe - keep em safe.......Can U tell I'm drinkin the wine?


I'll do a cartoon!!! :)

yaya- the wine should add clarity! You must be like the southern hemisphere where everything is reversed!!

Sarah Palin

INVU4URAQT!!! Doncha know!

blue girl

Everyone who didn't click that link must think I've lost my mind and am just posting random wacky thoughts.

I'd love to know who in this comment thread didn't click the link. Fess up!

Sarah? You know that white coat with the big black buttons you wore to that hockey game? Can I borrow it? Or have you *donated it to charity* already?


You had to sneak into my room just to read my diary- it was just to see just to see all the things you knew I'd written about you- oh so many illustrations


Whilst not entirely related to the thread, let me tell you of the only place on the internets that will lie to you about English language, traditions, customs and stuffs.

Oh yes, we have many stuffs:

Come for the comedy, stay for the hilarity.

Sarah Palin

Sarah? You know that white coat with the big black buttons you wore to that hockey game? Can I borrow it? Or have you *donated it to charity* already?

I know you're hoping I'll say, "You betcha!"... but I won't. You'll have to pry that coat out of my cold, dead hands, along with my RNC Neiman Marcus Platinum card!

blue girl

Fine! You'll be hearing from some of the friends I pal around with real soon.


I clicked it. My thumb is still purple.


What's even better is that "Obama" rhymes with "bomb".

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