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I always find that "equal or lesser value" thing to be hilarious. The wording, I mean. By definition, one of the meals will be of equal or lesser value. Consequently, the phrase is completely redundant.


Aw, that's so nice.


Do not bring flowers -- it's outdated.

Now that is just ridiculous. Not the first four, the last one. It's outdated for a man to bring a woman flowers on a first date? Even a single daisy?

You're right, BG. That's just crazy . Since when is causing a smile outdated? Glad I'm as old as you . :)

Even a single daisy?

What about half a pickup truck load? I did that once .:) ( post- overorder/mistake discards,from where I worked .) I don't recall her declining due to outdatedness. :)

zombie rotten mcdonald

You know, I stopped by this place once upon a time, and was so impressed by the post that I'v ekept coming back.

Even during the Great Cookie Queen Controversies of Various Sorts.

That post? This is another goodie.


Oh, this post reminded me of the the night the Lovely Bride and I went out for Valentines Day dinner in a sleet storm. We hadn't bothered to make reservations and ended up, drenched and laughing, eating mozzarella sticks in a crummy bar.

Thanks for the smile.

Adorable Girlfriend

Good stuff! I wish more men got this kind of advice.

I also wish men who are not ready for prime time, emotionally immature, too medicated, or just plain not in AG's league would stay out of the dating world, off the Internets, and stick to watching pornos for use, someday.

Dating is the best. With the right person and non texter, that is!


"My mother worked for years just up the street from my stepfather's office. During the winter months, he would leave work early, drive to where her car was parked, clean the snow off her car and start it up so that it was warm for her by the time she got off work."

I am still amazed by this! Mostly because her car was never stolen.


High school dating rituals are sacred (I think) and--if you're lucky, Blue--preliminary. When first trying to interest the opposite sX, most high-schoolers are shy and unsure.
I used to applaud and envy my kids, when they could start getting to know their first Great Influence via texting. No awkward silences on the phone; no desperate, omg, what am I gonna say next? (My sister used to write interesting facts on index cards.) No need to imagine an interruption or even an ignored message is personal.
Then, too--no doubt my personal fantasy--the idea that my kids first communicated with their first Great Influence via written word impressed me as both romantic and enlightened.

Larry Jones

Know what I think? I'll tell ya what I think. I think you're either romantic, or you're not. If you're not, there is no medium -- telephone, letter, email, text or courier -- that will touch your heart. Me, I'm romantic. I'm sentimental. A text from the Right Woman (she knows who she is) can have me all aflutter, and, while I probably wouldn't use the texting to ask for a date, if I'm the Right Man, it would work. You know it would.

So, to paraphrase Dirty Harry, I say to BK "How about it, kid? You feeling romantic?"

Larry Jones

Oh, and a nice warm car on a cold day, sitting unattended in a parking lot with the motor running? And nobody took it? Now those were the good old days.

blue girl

Such great comments!

It's true. Whatever the crazy kids are doing these days will work for them in their own way.

And you're right, Larry. Either you are or you're not. And how sad for the Ares who are with the Nots!

And speaking of Dirty one would *dare* steal one of my stepfather's cars. Right, Skimmer? I'm sure there's some sort of force field around them that people would just instinctively know better than to even come close to one.

Kathleen in Oakland

I love this post. It's so sweet. you have a great family BG


"Ms. Great Influence" is an awesome pseudonym. And this is a great post.

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