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Oh ... my.

Men can certainly be ... thoughtless. However, women have their problems, too. I almost (I didn't do it, really!) bought my guy a wireless headset for the TV for Christmas this year. So I wouldn't have to listen to the bad movies (think "Conan the Barbarian"} he watches almost 24/7, thanks to the Miracle of Cable TV.

It was close, BG. Real close.

blue girl

think "Conan the Barbarian"

lol. Oooh, Wren. That was *close!* :)

The Skimmer's much more thoughtful than he is thoughtless. It's just that, I can't let something that good die! lol.


Yeah. I'd torture him forever too, just like I do with the one and only one truly thoughtless gift Reg has ever gotten me: a Winnie the Pooh video and four pez dispensers wrapped in a Giant Eagle bag. All the rest of the time, he's pretty much spoiled me, giftwise. Still, Winnie the Pooh in a Giant Eagle bag? Too good not to mock.


See, I think it was terribly thoughtful of the Skimmer to give you something to hold over his head. ;-)

blue girl

Winnie the Pooh video and four pez dispensers wrapped in a Giant Eagle bag.

Now see? He probably would have been golden (somehow) if it weren't for the Giant Eagle bag! lol. It actually sounds like a cute little present. But, I'm a sucker for pez.

Shayera! Right on, sista!

Kathleen Maher

Imagine a man so thoughtful he must takes pains to give you a legitimate reason for sulking!

blue girl

I haven't really sulked. But, I should. It's such a great word. :)


I'm still anxiously waiting for the Skimmer to say something...

Adorable Girlfriend

I saw your comments over at EotS and I am working on a post. You raised great questions and I will formally respond sooner. I'm sorry I've been so gosh darn busy and on vacation that I wasn't able to respond sooner. (Next time, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail because your comments are soo important and worthy of a meaningful response. Unfortunately, my PhD studies, paid work, and various other new projects no longer allow me to check the blogs with the same vigor that I once knew.)

Kathleen in Oakland

you guys are both the best

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How thoughtful he is giving portrait..That Skimmer is greatly


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