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You're a winner in our hearts!

blue girl



Everybody loses something, sometime. I think it's fabulous that you made the finalists, BG -- and you deserved to. I couldn't get the awards page to open so I could see who'd won, but I did take the time the other day to check out your competitors. My opinion hasn't changed, even if you didn't win. You're the best of them all.

Larry Jones

Totally NOT a loser!! No more than Hilary Clinton. (Would you consider a position in the new Raymi Administration? You know the one I mean...)

blue girl

You guys are sweet. Thank you! However. There is a HUGE problem.

I have nothing to blog about now! lol

Maybe I'll start writing poetry and post that...

blue girl, yes she is third
She got there by you keeping your word
She started out strong
But it went on too long
At least that is what she has heard


I was up for a Weblogs Award
Were you guys, like, totally bored?
I was all, "I'm rated G!"
And "C'mon, vote me me!"
No wonder the Minx and Dooce soared


Dan Leo, do not think this is the end
I might just start it all over again!
I didn't come in last
But I fell behind pretty fast
I must deconstruct this.
Depend on it, my friend!

Kathleen Maher

THIRD PLACE? You call that losing??? I just this minute lost 4th place by ONE VOTE! And 4th place doesn't even count. Third place DOES COUNT, in horse racing. Win, Place, or SHOW: a savvy better can make money off any three or combination thereof.
You are in the money, Weblog-wise, BG.
And otherwise, you're the best!

zombie rotten mcdonald

BG, if you tell me you're writing this blog in order to be popular, I'm going to give you a big huge PSHAW.



ZRM, what are you talking about?

Kathleen! One vote! Oh no! I'm sorry...

Dan Leo

Here’s a song to song to ease the pain.

Dan Leo

"song to song to"?

Well, you know what I mean...


We tried, BG... we tried...

Blame gnomes!


And also.. I mean, Dooce is huge. What are you going to do? She's on talkshows and shit! And Raymi..I've never been to her site but I tried from work and it was BLOCKED FOR, honey, don't feel bad!!

Shannon Erin

I'm sad you didn't win, but you losing gave us that awesome poem, so it's not all bad.

I'm a Self-Knowing Healthy Builder, what's that supposed to mean?

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