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Kathleen Maher

You got it. (And thanks.)


I JUST voted for you, of course, because you're the best of the lot, BG. Congrats and good luck! I hope you win!

Larry Jones

This is quite refreshing, and not tacky at all, begging to have us stuff the virtual ballot box on your behalf. Of course I went right over and cast my vote (today's vote, I mean) for you, and I hope you win, because then you'll for sure be rolling in dough, and I don't mean holiday bake-off dough, heh, heh.

In the big presidential election, the candidates were all "Vote for ME, because it's best for America, it has nothing to do with my giant ego and my thirst for power." And now on the teevee I keep seeing commercials for movies and the implied message is "We are only pointing out that this movie is Great Art that really ought to be recognized. We don't care if it makes a bazillion point six dollars as a result of winning Best Picture."

But you just come right out and say "Vote for me a whole bunch of times and get all your friends on board, too, because I WANT TO WIN!" And this is why I love you, Blue Girl.

PS: I have to warn you -- the other sneaky, scumbag finalists are doing the SAME THING. Can you imagine? Copycats.


Oooh very exciting!! You have my votes and will get you MORE...and MORE...bwa ha ha....


Voted for ya, BG . Didn't find Brando, so went with Bossy . & driftglass

(In case you need to add blog #31,963 to your reading list, it's good.;)


Several of my favorites are up for A MAJOR AWARD! I am so voting. YAY!!

Account Deleted

I voted AND I pimped you on a newspaper blog that gets like 10K hits per day.


I voted for you after Bob pimped you at Huckleberries Online.


You really are the BEST Diarist of the bunch! The way you paraphrase.. errrr... faithfully reproduce conversations is not only believable as all get out, it makes me smile Smile SMILE.

I hope you get this one, BG. What a Happy way to start the New Year!

blue girl

Thank you, everyone! xoxo

Larry, it's totally tacky. Extremely-cringe-worthy. I could never be a PR guru! lol


Remember to vote every 24 hours! :)


You work in advertising! You should be giving us 3-5 bullet points about how our lives will be better if we do vote for you. And an offer of a free two-bag vacuum cleaner if you win!

But it worked anyway, I cast my ballot and will return again like a CIA-funded voter in a banana republic.

blue girl

I'm working on my Power Point presentation, Brando!

blue girl

You know, cuz Power Point *really* wins 'em over.



just got 3 more votes for u blue......jeeze, I wonder who??

blue girl

Thanks for your votes, everyone!

I am only light years behind at this point -- so keep voting! :)


I signed in on like eight different computers so each of my personalities could vote for you.


At first glance, I thought you'd been sadly and embarrassingly nominated for "Best Diarrheaist" -- and that... well, I just couldn't vote for that even if you were the best.

Seemed like a great way to sabotage my already tenuous karma.

Upon SECOND GLACE, I see that it's BEST DIARIST...and in that case, I agree.

And will vote approximately every 24 hours for one day. *grin*


It's been crazy, but I voted. I'm note sure for what...

Larry Jones

That little "Raymi the Minx" is probably in the lead only because she posted this. You know what you have to do, Blue Girl.

blue girl


In your dreams, Larry Jones. In your dreams! lol

blue girl

LOL again. Oh geez.


BG- just photoshop your head on that picture... job done!

Jonathan Waller

Look who has graced your blog with his presence. If you sufficiently stroke my ego, I'll add you to my Googz Reader. And then, of course, you'll get another vote. That's how this works. ;)

blue girl

Jonathan, I have a weird way of stroking people's egos. Ask Will! And Pinko Punko!

And I don't know you well enough yet to knock you around.

You need to give me some ammunition. I know you work in advertising -- and there's a whole wealth of ammunition there -- but I'm also in advertising, so I have to act like that's cool.

C'mon. Give me something -- and then watch yourself get throne!


Very nice

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