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Bossy is all over Best Diarist, doling out her vote in 24-hour increments -- at least you're not up against the Comic Curmudgeon like Bossy. Oy.


why do their polls take forever to load!!!

i voted every day. first thing i do after all the other things i do every day :)

Dan Leo

I have a feeling we're never gonna hear the end of this no matter where you come in.


I'm voting daily, Blue Girl!

Kathleen Maher

Blue Girl, thanks for the endorsement.

Personally, I'm glad you're taking this seriously.

And I'm hoping Dan Leo's right. No matter where you place, I'm hoping you'll deconstruct the significance of all this on every level.

neddie jingo

You gots my vote, hon!


I am sorry to inform you that the MPAA has changed the rating of this blog from G to PG for mild language (L). E.g. the use of the word damn.

blue girl

Thanks, everybody!

fish, I curse now. I forgot to blog about it. Dammit.

blue girl

Oh, and Kathleen...

Believe me, I plan to deconstruct the significance of this entire thing! Just for Dan Leo.

Kevin Wolf

I voted. Then I voted again. And again. And so on - all for you.


Vote 'til it Hurts!

Just did . (Anybody have a band-aid?:)

Jeremy Cherfas

You're third, by my count, which is a long way from stone cold bottom. But this every 24 hours thing is a spontaneity killer.


I came late to this event, Blue Girl, so I only got to vote twice. But let's hope there's a huge push at the end and you win this thing by one vote, then of course I'll feel my two votes made the difference.
Good luck!

Larry Jones

1200 voters love you, Blue Girl. Time to work on your interviews

Larry Jones

This is the second time I've tried to post a comment. The first one seems to have disappeared, so here we go again:

1200 voters love you, Blue Girl. Time to work on your interviews.

Larry Jones

Of course, now I've posted the same comment twice.

Jeremy Cherfas

Comment early, comment often, that's Larry's motto.

Adorable Girlfriend

I am totally OK with being good for nothing, but it's the lazy I wish to challenge.


Larry, it's Typepad and the "improvements" they've made lately.

Gotta say, I love that clip! I've watched it 50 times. lol


I'm trying to vote... but I don't have the patience for the stupid site to load!

There's clicking on the link...
staring at the blue line that doesn't appear to be moving...
then the moment when I'm sure it's moving THE OTHER DIRECTION...
then I click on reload because I'm mental and can't help myself....
then I give up.

Just so you know, in my heart, I've voted at least 2 dozen times.

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