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Kevin Baker

This post is absolutely priceless. Don't bother making hot sauce, it's hard to do on a small scale. They only reason recipes for hot sauce exist is because there was a time when you couldn't get it at ye olde general store or whatever.

Make fresh salsa instead. Or pickle the peppers in vinegar. You can eat the pickled peppers with your food, and you can also sprinkle the vinegar over's nice and spicy.

Then again, if your family keeps disrespecting your cooking, give them each three dollars and tell them to enjoy their dinner at Taco Bell.


The Skimmer and Blue Kid may be horrible and un-American, but I am not.

Sounds like somebody's gotten an overdose of Befouled.

By the way, I've experimented with habaneros (back when I lived in Manhattan, there were places in the 23rd St. green market that had a zillion types of hot peppers in the fall).

If you cut them up without plastic gloves on, your fingers feel burned for days.

Zombie rotten mcdonald


I feel you wanted to hear that from a friend


" Eat it and praise me!”

Lol! They should. (probably :)

Tobasco? Pshaw! Something else would be more appropriate.(Mmmmmm! :))


I have opinions on hot sauce, but that's not why I'm here. I'm here to ask why you have to stir the pasta. give it enough water, and a good rolling boil and it will stir itself. Really, it will.

Kevin Baker

Jeremy, you should see when she "bakes" bwahahaha


i was gonna say what ZRM said. for a zombie, he sure move quickly around these tubes!

also, i second KWB's taco bell suggesion.

blue girl

if your family keeps disrespecting your cooking

Yes. They are disrespecting me!

And so is this stupid keyboard that keeps spelling things wrong.

blue girl

Plus, I'm not even sure what ZRM's talking about.


I think ZRM misspilled 'fiend'.


"My arms get even more tired scrubbing off mold and/or mildew from the shower walls than they get from stirring pasta."

First, in almost 20 yrs. of marriage BG has never scrubbed the shower.

Second, the Cavatelli was much better than Beefaroni. But it did LOOK LIKE Beefaroni.

Third, I'm just the son of polish immigrants. Haute Cuisine to me is any thing that doesn't have cabbage in it.

So BG's foray into cooking is way over my taste buds.

blue girl

First, in almost 20 yrs. of marriage BG has never scrubbed the shower.

Pshaw! I work my fingers to the bone and never get any!

blue girl

Let's not forget the grass, Buster Brown.

zombie rotten mcdonald

As minister of Hemp, I suggest you avoid the Brown Grass, busters.

If you need to , the bad trip tent is to the left.

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