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nice photos BG!


I feel like, feel like, feel like crying that I couldn't go to that show. I hate Poison but would have put up with it for Def Leppard and Cheap Trick. Glad you had fun and didn't burn anything.

blue girl

Thanks, aif!

Brando, I have to say, it was incredibly cool. Poison was meh. But, Cheap Trick was really tight and sounded great. Looked great too. And I do have to say, I loved the type treatment they used for their backdrop.

But, Def Leppard? Outrageous. I was pretty blown away by them. They were so unbelievably professional. Which I know is a weird word to use to describe them -- but they were. They came out full tilt. It was wild.

We had a blast.

....sorry if you feel like I'm rubbing it in. I would never want to make you cry more.


Between you and the Zombie blogging about Summerfest, I am reminded of the deep cultural sinkhole I live in. :-)


I would have put up with the rest for Cheap Trick. I'm glad they didn't disappoint.

blue girl

Gotta admit, "Dream Police" was a tad cheesey. lol

My friend's seat was right in front of the camera guy shooting video for the huge screens. So he was asked to "be careful" not to get too crazy during the concert so he wouldn't bump the camera. D goes, "Well, I'll do my best. But, when Dream Police comes on, all bets are off."


zombie rotten mcdonald

Dream Police is my fave too.

And I thought I had extended an invite to the Brandos for Summerfest. We take Michigan money down here.

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