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Not enough Redskins.


Might as well rate < a href="">Brady. HOF is inevitable.

BTW is Namath still cute?


Complete and utter link FAIL.



blue girl

That Brady video is hysterical!

Ok. Now. Let's analyze his looks! Let's get down to the shallowness at hand.

Brady's too "model" good looking. And that's not so cute. Although, there were a couple of shots in that video where he looked roughed up -- and he did look really cute in those.

Now, onto poor, drunk, older Joe Namath:

"I want to kiss you!"

Joe! Shhhh! You big dope!


I can never see or hear "John Elway" without thinking of the "Slow, white Bronco/OJ" joke...

And Mike Ditka is a gigawombat.

Seeing Larry Csonka's name makes me think of how I perceived football players when I was a young girl... they were all so rocky looking that I thought they must be at least 45-55... it was with great surprise when I later found out they were only in their 20's, with their careers being finished not much later.

blue girl

Eeee! "gigawombat" Great word. Better than "loud."

I know what you mean about how all those guys looked so huge and ancient when we were younger. I noticed that when I was watching a video of Jack Lambert on Sat. Even now to my eyes, his 20-something self looked "rocky" as you say.


Ok, Larry didn't look as rocky as I remembered. He had more of that mod 70's vibe going on. I'm trying to think of who I'm thinking of, but can't think of him... Maybe Jim Thorpe! :)

Jack Lambert would definitely fall into the category though.
Waaaay back when, most looked like they should be custodians... those men of mystery who could fix anything at your school, but also scared you because they mainly hung out in the basement, and their faces told a tale...

I had forgotten about that Joe Namath video... not too far from the Hasselhoff/bathroom/cheeseburger uncomfortable zone.

I'm so not in the mood to do any work today... can you tell?? :)


Also, my b-i-l gets credit for the gigawombat appellation.

blue girl

Jennifer, if you're gonna watch a Joe Namath video, watch the one I linked to in the post. Even though it's so boop-boop-de-do-ish, he looks adorable in that. Look at his mouth. lol CUTE!


Oh, I watched it, and I remembered it, and yes, he was very adorable in it.

Did they have the pantyhose video or was that ad merely in print? I can't remember.


I found it.

Kathleen in Oakland

YA Tittle is always the answer to sports trivia Qs.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Jennifer's not working today either.


LOL! No, I most definitely wasn't... I should have been, but was desperately trying for any and every distraction I could find. Tomorrow will have to be different. I SWEAR!!!

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