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blue girl

For those of you keeping score. Yes, I've changed the headline three times now. But, I like this one. lol I'm keeping it! Because ZRM wouldn't even eat those brains with the condition they are in.

Larry Jones

You shouldn't talk about Harold that way. You white chicks are nuthin' but trouble for him.


Watching Morning Joe is a sort of exercise in testing one's patience. And the door swings both ways as I'm almost positive they all manage to offend both sides of political spectrum at least once a day.

I use the show as my morning pick-me-up. Nothing gets your blood pumping in the morning better than the visceral reaction to something stupid Joe says, Willie agrees with and Mika plays the disagreeably agreeable Stepford wife. It's better than that extra shot of espresso.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Battered and deep fried, that's how we serve brains here in Wisconsin.

But those have gone bad and squishy.


Over at Sadly, I brainstormed a Wingnut Processor. Suffice to say while I had originally had the process finish with a zombie chomping, I had to change it to a wood-chipper mounted in Hummer, because I couldn't find zombies willing to eat Wingnuts on a regular basis.


LOL at Larry's comment.

There are no news shows worth watching in the morning. They've all been so incredibly dumbed down. ESPN News is about all I can take.

blue girl

I cannot stomach Mika's schtick. At all. She's smarter than that. It's embarrassing.

And don't get me started on all those magazine people who go on that show. They're like little kids so excited that they're getting to do something really cool!! Wheeeee!!

I know I might incur the wrath of liberals far and wide, but....I miss Imus.

blue girl

I swear I can tell that Harold Ford Jr. is traumatized every time he's on that show.


I was watching again, but had to stop... again. My morning is much more peaceful without it.

And you're right, Mika's schtick is embarrassing.

blue girl

Several weeks ago, I was desperately trying to find something I could watch in the morning. I was just in the mood.

MSNBC? Absolutely not.

CNN? All Michael Jackson. All the time.

Today Show? Ambush makeovers.

Etc., etc., etc.

Where are all the grown ups? When I was little, I thought it was going to be great to be a grown up! Now? I hate that I know they're all such idiots!

When did it become ok not to grow up?

zombie rotten mcdonald

Are you kidding?

The Boomers have made it their life's work to not grow up.

blue girl

Oh my God. You are so right. I hadn't thought of it that way.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Where are all the grown ups?

I think Cronkite was the last one.


Yes, Walter is gone. I guess he was one of a kind. I don't watch news in the morning. I don't feel like being up and I definately don't want to hear something that will piss me off the very first thing.

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