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I’d describe it for you, but there really wasn’t much of a plot.

That is precisely when your loyal blog readers depend on you for your imagination, BG.

blue girl

My Google hits are gonna go through the roof from that headline alone! Let alone me going into detail about certain things.

Dan Leo

"I’d describe it for you, but there really wasn’t much of a plot."

Oh, come on, look at it as a writing exercise!

zombie rotten mcdonald

look at it as a writing exercise!

is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?


Yeah, I figured you were merely milking the post for Google hits!

You're shameless!!

"Writing exercise" will be the new "hiking the Appalachian Trail".

...the Governor had to leave the state to have some quality time for his... writing exercises... those rigorous, sweaty, leave you panting... writing exercises... He's certain to get the lead out.

Kathleen in Oakland

it's kind-of like when BG used that curse word on that other blog. Maybe it was a virus!!!!


Yeah... that's it... a virus... wink, wink, nudge, nudge...


BG, if you haven't done so already, you might consider a full system anti-virus scan. Receiving a link from an infected machine means there's a fair chance the pr0n site is also infected.

search engine

BG, I'm enjoying every word of this 50-50 or 50-100-50 series. They're like the perfect little stories you always tell but more so.

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