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Maroons win! Marooons WIN!


Maroons. Ya think? Maybe?

Uncle Stu

The name came from the color of their uniforms. Money was tight for the new team. Their supplier, local sporting goods store owner, Joe Zacko got the best deal on maroon uniforms.

I got this information from Joe Zacko himself. He was a dear friend to me and my family when we lived in Pottsville.

He led the fight for many decades, to the end of his life, to have the "stolen" championship" of 1925 returned to the Maroons.

The more you read about this saga, the Maroons team, and the big names Joe enlisted in the fight, the more interesting it gets.

The biggest, almost the only, obstacle is the Bidwell family - owners of the NFL Cardinals.

Uncle Stu

By the way, thanks for the picture of the newspaper. It was issued in commemoration of the "Testimonial and Reunion" banquet which took place June 27, 1963. I still have my copy of the program.

blue girl

Interesting info, Uncle Stu! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

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