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zombie rotten mcdonald

Driving While Blue.


The Blue Streak.


I once got a warning for driving 50 miles over the speed limit. Sometimes the gods smile in our favor.

Have fun with Chuckie Buckets this evening! ZRM said you got Night Ranger tickets for a mere $850!!!



You have better luck than me! Once I was riding down a road and police cars were all over the place speeding to get somewhere. It turns out there was a bank robbery or something fairly serious. Anyhow.. one police car ended up behind me and I decided the best way to get out of his way was to pull into a parking lot. He came in too. He gave me a ticket for my tag being expired.

Now I don't know about you.. but if there was a bank robbery, would you be heading towards it and then say.. Oh Look! An old lady with an expired tag! I think I'll pull her over instead of trying to help with the bank robbery.

I don't think I have ever been let go on anything. If I am pulled over, I get a ticket.

Teach me the way to avoid a ticket!

blue girl

Jennifer, there's a post in that 50 miles over the speed limit deal! And LOL @ me going to see Night Ranger and paying $850. LOL!

Sue, that stinks! I think the only reason I got out of this one was because I was about 1/2 mile from our neighborhood and he knew I was (am supposedly) a responsible resident of this fine suburb. lol

The one I got out of that I still can't really explain was the time a cop pulled me over and then when he saw my address on my driver's license, launched into a story about how his old girlfriend lived near where I lived. Heard the whole sordid situation about how she broke up with him. How much he still loved her, etc. I think he just might have been lonely that day and needed someone to talk to. lol


lol Blue Girl if you are letting him spill his guts on you, it is only appropriate that he keep the ticket in his book. I know he felt better getting that out of his system.

after thinking about this... I did get a pass from a policeman on a burned out tail light. I was going to work in the wee hours of the morning one weekend and he pulled up beside me and motioned for me to roll down the window. He said you have a tail light out. Get it fixed.
Ta Da! No ticket!


True story, I swear.
When I lived out in L.A. I was speeding down the freeway at five thirty in the morning because I wanted to get to this lake before the sun came up. Dawn is the best time for fishing and the sun was coming up. So this motorcycle cop pulls me over, I plead my case and my mission, and he locks his thumbs on his belt and delivers the following... "Okay, Bub, go on and catch you some fish, but you better be careful when you drive along here or they'll nail you." Excuse me? They'll nail me?? Did he say, they'll nail me??? What the hell was that? And what the hell was HE? Then I noticed in my rear view mirror as he ambled back to his cycle the man was staggering. This cop was drunk! The song that rang in my head, Blue Girl, was the one by Rod Stewart... "Some guys have all the luck!"


You're so lucky!

I've had one (count 'em) one speeding ticket in all my years behind the wheel. I was 19 and going 10 mph over the limit on the freeway in a blue '68 Mustang.

I got a ticket. Grrrr.

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