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Ken Houghton

Not the Literal Video Version?

(Otherwise, thank you for that depressing moment of bloggema verite.)

Dan Leo

It was just another Pleasant Valley Tuesday...


What can people do?
Donate time, money, goods to your local homeless shelters and other related agencies.

blue girl

Yes to all those things, Candlefiregirl. Although, I know I fall far short of doing all I can do.

I've been thinking of something since I wrote that post.

I had to make trip after trip to Cleveland last year. And at the end of this one exit there would be a guy sitting there under the stop sign every single time. Didn't matter what time. Morning, afternoon or evening.

Lots of "regulars" getting off that exit. Their normal route to wherever. And he seemed to know so many of them. They'd wave, say hi to each other, etc. Exchange pleasantries and smiles and then the next car would pull up and the same thing would happen.

After a few times, I waved hello at him. He smiled and waved back. So, we became *Wave* "Hey how are ya today?" buddies.

Sometimes maybe just being ackowledged is enough.

I don't know. There are so many sad things in life.

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