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Adorable Girlfriend

Hugs, BG. We're all feeling the pain of loss today.

Did I miss your e-mail? I admit that I went close to six weeks without checking it, but I didn't see anything from you over the past week.

Dan Leo

After I heard the news about Ted Kennedy last night I couldn't sleep and wound up watching (without planning to, I just stumbled onto it on Youtube) most of "Husbands", a John Cassavetes movie about three best friends whose fourth friend suddenly dies. They get drunk and take a few days off for a spree. That's pretty much the movie. No easy resolutions or redemptions. Just like life. Music and art and love do help keep us going.

zombie rotten mcdonald

What Dan said. iwould have put on duke or something, but wevs. I'm listening to Genesis right now, really loud; I'm the only one in the house, except for the leaky ass-dog, and she just has to live with it.

All the news about Ted Kennedy, I keep thinking one thing; it would only be sad if he had live his life in vain.

And that's the last thing you could say. His was a full life, doing meaningful work, and with a devoted family.

We should all be so lucky. I miss him, but I can't be sad.


Yep, there are indeed those times where you've had enough...


David Horsey of the Seattle P-I online has an excellent eulogy for Senator Kennedy - It shows his "I am proud to be a liberal" speech. Just a warning - Stay away from the comment section as the vermin of the right have come out from under their collective rocks.

However, another one I love is the one, can't remember who drew it, which depicts the Good Senator stepping aboard a sailer with his brothers welcoming him aboard. All gone far too soon.


There's vermin infestations all over the internets these past few days.

Peak wingnut may never be reached.


I don't know what makes me sadder, the comments I've seen about Kennedy on blogs that supposedly support "family values," or that I've come to expect that hatred so much that it doesn't really bother me any more.


There is an Archie Bunker type living a block and a half from us. He is retired Navy, but, the Archie part stems from his "My Country Right or Wrong" bumper sticker. During the reign of error, he flew his US flag in an upward slant, but, dropped it to half staff, last November.

He is holding a Support the Troops sale, which is well and good. But, yesterday, while on the curb moving some gear for the sale, I drove by, stopped and said, "Thank you for flying your flag at half staff in honor of Senator Kennedy. Yes, thanks alot" - He was still screaming at me a half block away.

blue girl

LOL! Good for you.


I can hear him now, "The Bum! What did he ever do? The Bum!!""" I cried too....


I've been away far too long - from both BG and blogging. Hopefully going to catch up on both very soon...

My Repub husband woke me at 4:30 AM on August 26th with nudge and a "thought you might want to know...". I don't know if I cried more when I first heard of Senator Kennedy's passing or since (still crying now). A voice for everyone has been forever silenced, and I'm sure there will never be another like him.

Calm waters, Senator. May you be at peace.

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