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Well you can't expect tv to cover dirty hippies.

On the other hand, red-blooded amurkans?


zombie rotten mcdonald

Plus, wingnut protests get violent. That's good tv.


The Guardian has an article about the Brits becoming steamed about the attacks by the RepuGs on their NHS. Loved the comment from one of the posters, which said, "Why doesn't the Queen fly to the states and kick some arse?"

The Brits love their system, although many think it is underfunded and are willing to pay for it.


Couldn't agree more on the Rachel Maddow heads-up. As left leaning as she is, she's fair. And her five minute set-up speech to open each night's program is about as informative, as thorough, and as enlightening as anyone else's full hour. Notice how often the guest to follow comments on it with something like, "Wow, you've done your homework!" She's been knocking the hell out of who these bastards are, these people behind the "patriotic" movements, who are funded if not actually employed by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. That's "investigative reporting".

And to add to what your friend above noted, covering the war is not "good TV"... how can something like that compete with these town hall meetings which are now the Jerry Springer Show.


Someone once said:

"Democrats will take your money, but Republicans will kill you."

zombie rotten mcdonald

zombeez are NOBODY's frenz. BG will tell ya.


I think the saddest thing about the protesters are that they're influencing good, kind, normally intelligent people like your mom and mine with their lies about health insurance care reform. I've had the same sort of conversation with my mom, BG, and she brings up the same thing. She's really afraid. Of course, she gets most of her information from Faux News and CNN, and thinks they're telling her the truth.

Sad. And infuriating.


Point out to Mom that healthcare is being rationed now-we just ration it based on the size of your bank account.


What is it with Senator Claire cutting Grassley slack on his lying comment about killing the elderly? Professional curtesy, be damned. Rip him Claire.

Kathleen in Oakland

you go BG!!

I seem to recall there was a pretty massive pro choice demonstration in DC a few years back that didn't receive any media coverage either.


I talked to my Mom about health care too. She was worried about rationing. I told her, healthcare is rationed now. You get healthcare ONLY if you have enough money.
70% of personal bankruptcies are because of healthcare costs

in other words.. first you get sick.. and then you don't even have a house to lay down in and feel bad.

I am rooting for a single payer health plan or at minimum and option for single payer.


I spent the evening writing to my reps... I only hope it works. I was alarmed when I read their websites. They seem pro business as usual. ~sigh~


I saw this in the comments on

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