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Well, BG, Hung is on Demand for me. But I'm still on vacation and will not be watching MM tonight. You know it's the show I love to hate. (Though, shh, don't tell, I think the hype is starting to work on me.)

blue girl

Hung is on Demand for me. No pun intended, Claire? lol

Really? The hype's workin' ya? I missed last week's show, but from what I've read it's the same old, same old.

I always root for it but it always disappoints. I'm rooting for it again, so let's see if it does the trick tonight!


Wolcott live blogging Mad Men is a marriage made in heaven. Or "hell" if he doesn't like what he sees. There's no one better at reading between "the lines"? Hope he does this all season long.

Dan Leo

I'm so out of it, I'm still only up to about episode 3 or 4 in Season 2 after taking a year or so off from the show, but I gotta say I'm digging it so far. I like how they had Utz potato chips as a client.


I got sucked into Nurse Jackie...

Saw the first episode of Mad Men this season and then promptly forgot it was on. I'll probably catch it when they do a marathon.

I've seen Hung once (you just can't use that word in a sentence and not have it sound WRONG!), but keep meaning to go back ala Claire and catch it On Demand, baby!!!

I'm demanding Hung... NOW!!! Nope, doesn't sound right. Of course, I'm now thinking of Hung from Top Chef. Still doesn't sound right...


Jennifer: Try not to get so Hung up!


Hahaha! I totally didn't get I was being funny. Well, I mean I was buying into the hype before it started. After seeing the first one I feel back to being iffy.

Jennifer and BG, I miss you! I've been so MIA lately. I hope you're both well.

blue girl

Jennifer, I'm really mad at myself. I couldn't wait for Nurse Jackie and I never remember it's on. I haven't seen it one time!

Now onto the show that we dare not speak its name...

They shouldn't have named it that! It's not a word you can just say to an acquaintance in a conversation...

"I love that show."

"What show?"

She mumbles, "Hung."


Mumble, mumble, "Hung."



I know they thought they were being "edgy" but I think it was a mistake.

Anyway. I don't know anyone who watches it (people probably do but won't say it!) and I wish someone would so I'd have someone to hash it through with.

Miss you too, Claire!


Every morning, I lock in to CBC Radio2, the great Canadian online site. Yeah, you have to get used to hearing a word such as Saskatoon in the news and that the time difference in Newfoundland is a half hour later, but the music is great.

However, last week, some early DJ sitting in for Tom Allen tried to give out the web site for someone who was dissecting Week 3 of Mad Men and this week, you could probably hear about Week 4. Might as well have someone walk past you as you are reading a fine mystery and say, "Jason didn't do it; it was Cindy". Of course, book hurling can be great therapy.

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