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Adorable Girlfriend

Wait are you in Philadelphia not calling AG?!!!


I remember the poor horses in NYC, having to clomp behind buses and other assorted noisy, fumes spewing inconveniences of NY traffic.

I think what Vick did was bad, but he paid for what he did. We're not in favor of putting people in prison forever, right? There's far too much of that going on now.

And I can't help but remember seeing Vick do this long public apology on CBS 60 minutes.

Earlier that day, on NBC's Meet the Press, we had a criminal who walks the streets freely named Dick Armey telling lies about health care.

There's something wrong here.

blue girl

AG, I'll email you.

thunder, lots of discussion about Michael Vick while I was in Philadelphia. Both for and against. I'm with you. He was convicted and went to jail. He paid his dues. His story seems to be the one that people are hanging on to for some reason. Easy target, I guess. That was the point the bartender was making. Also, he agreed he had paid his dues.

RE Dick Armey. How about the media all excited about Tom Delay going on Dancing with the Stars?



Couldn't agree more about the treatment of carriage horses. Flat-out despicable! Lots of people finally speaking out about it here in NY. It's is blatant animal cruelty on parade right before your eyes. Bowed heads, spirits broken, clopping around Central Park 365 days a year. If you saw this in an old Disney movie they'd all be rescued and whisked off to a big farm somewhere. But this ain't Disney. Tragic!

PS: So, BG, what yer' sayin' is, you had a "wooooter" back with your cocktail. :)


Yeah, where is the outrage from PETA types over the effects to hooves and legs from pounding over hot asphalt and concrete? Oh, they are more concerned with joining John Mackey and going after obesity and eating meat in Florida. Yeah, just eat those Whole Paycheck veggies, fatties in Florida, and you will save on health care and and make Lady Bird Johnson happy about "beautifying America". PETA has some very strange priorities.


Completely off topic, but, it is sad to see Informed Comment become relevant, first thing in the morning, once again. Just when you thought you could look in different directions, BAM.


Where are my priorities, this morn? Bombings, once again, in Baghdad, Dems crooning BB King's "The Thrill is Gone" about Obama, and what do I forward to a dear friend in Louisiana? An article from The Guardian about "Duvet Picnicking in Bed" - Fun article in gloomy times. Ah, chocolate under sheets or atop them or smeared with them.

blue girl

scribbler, I love the "water back" phrase. I had never heard it before reading your post.

Everyone, go read scribbler's post, James Bond-ing. It's great.

Paulfromportland, what is going on in this world will make you crazy. Well, it's making me crazy, anyway. BAM is right. It's why we need way more Duvet Picknicking in Bed.


Being a horse lover and owner, it always saddens me to see the treatment of the carriage horses used in cities. Whenever I go to NYC, I always stop and talk to the horses. They usually seem so tired and sullen, and they always perk up with a kind word and a rub on their powerful necks. While I do not believe all carriage horses are mistreated, I do thing the ones used in large cities, as you have described, have a tough life plodding for hours on the hard asphalt, suffering dreadful heat and cold, and breathing exhaust fumes, etc. Ugh.

I think of the story, Black Beauty, whenever I see them.

blue girl

Aw, Candlefiregirl, the Philly horses could've used your company on Sunday. They were so sad and sullen. And it was like they were moving in slow motion. It was just too hot for them to be doing anything, let alone pulling families through the streets.

The bartender I wrote about is talking riding lessons. And he said he learned that horses should never be taken out in the heat like that.

He also told the story about a carriage horse that went on a rampage one day. Just took off and crashed the carriage into a car that was parked along the street. He said he was amazed at how the driver or owner spoke to the horse as if the horse would understand what he did was a *bad* thing.

But, I have a feeling that the horse probably *did* understand what his driver/owner was saying to him.

Poor horse had probably had enough!


Kudos to you for taking the time to do that... to stroke those horses and show human kindness when you encounter them. The mere fact that they perk up at all from those seeming catatonic states speaks volumes to the impact and power of your gesture. I always just shake my head when I see them and keep on walking, but from now I'm going to try some of your TLC. Kudos again!

Dan Leo

Hey, Beege, despite the heat and the poor horses, I'm glad you were able to explore a bit in our dirty old town...

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