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Blue Girl! Didn't you learn your lesson about flying down the highway last week?

Hmmm It's hard to pick just one of those songs!

zombie rotten mcdonald

This song always sounds good when it comes on the radio

It's like I don't even KNOW you anymore....

blue girl

LOL. Why? Cuz I listen to the radio? Or that that song sounds good to me still?

What? What? What?!?! lol

Sue, I was flying within the speed limit. Don't worry! My luck's gotta run out so I'm being a better driver now. :)

zombie rotten mcdonald

Don't burst a vein, Beege.

Not the radio thing.

Coiincidentally, the tape dealio in my car went out, so until I can afford an FM dealio or a new stereo, I can't play my iPod in the car, and have been forced to listen to local radio.

Fortunately, we have this station:

Which features the tagline this summer: Diverse music for a Diverse City and plays everything from Steely Dan to digable Planets. Yesterday they Played Heartless Bastards!! And they play local stuff too.


Everytime I hear "Stuck in the middle with you" I think of the garage scene in Reservoir Dogs.

If you haven't seen it I'm not sure you want to.

blue girl

Skimmer, *you* didn't even see it. lol You left the room cuz you couldn't take it!!

Those were back in the days of me not being bothered in the least with scenes like that. Now? No way. Couldn't take it. I read Quentin Tarantino's new movie is God-awful gory and gross. I wouldn't watch it for a gazillion bucks.

ZRM, sounds like a good station. I'm so stuck in my ways -- I only listen to the stations that play the same songs I've heard for three thousand years. I really need to break out of that.

zombie rotten mcdonald

they stream on the internets beege. worth a listen

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