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We called it the *tree lawn* where I grew up. Where I now live... it's the *parkway*. devil's strip sounds accurate for what BK experienced!

I walked into a yellow jacket nest a couple of years ago. You forget how much a sting hurts, especially multiply stings. I'm glad he's ok.

Don't go retrieve the mower until dusk!!

Dan Leo

Ha -- this happened to me when I was a kid. Some older kids had suggested I stick a clothesline pole into a beehive. Not a good idea.

I love the "devil's strip". I have no idea what we call these in Philly. If we have them.


I tried removing a wasp's nest from the front porch with a broom when I was little.

This did not turn out so well.


Bee stings can be more than just painful as many are allergic to their fluids. Best to the healing process.

However, I love that term of "devil's strip". In Portland, we, as have many others, turned our parkways into gardens, some of them being of the veggie growing variety. We gave our lawn mower away several years ago, as we only have trees, perrenials, roses, dahlias and assorted shrubs and plants. We took the marvelous Ann Lovejoy approach. In our parkway, we have compost and quarter ten gravel in order to create a very low watering area. The plants are of the drought tolerant variety with several varieties of Berberis to deter the passing hounds. A manzanita and a Rosa Glauca set it off. We even have a dwarf cherry tree.

However, as the parkway is owned by the City of Portland, we await the complaint from some citizen about our blocking pedestrian access. This has happened in Southeast Portland. Probably more of a neighbor tiff in general, but, the City forced an owner to remove his raised beds of veggies or be hit with a very large fine. But, throw that mower into a garage sale and plant shrubs and perrenials.

blue girl

Oh, all you veterans of multiple stings. I salute you!

Dan, the family across the street moved here from Philadelphia a few years ago. I'll ask them what they call the devil's strip there.

Paul, that sounds beautiful. We had neighbors in our old neighborhood who did just what you describe in their devil's strip. I don't think they had veggies, though. Actually, their entire front yard was filled with gorgeous, wild perennials.

We plan to sell this house soon (fingers crossed it'll sell!)so we wouldn't do that here. And now that I think about it, I don't think I'd attempt it anywhere. I have trouble keeping impatiens alive. The only thing I'm really good at growing is clover. lol

I wish I had a green thumb, but I don't. Plants shake in their little pots when I approach them at the store. They know if I buy them, it is the beginning of their demise.

blue girl

The doctor said yesterday that a guy had been stung by a bee a few weeks ago across the street from their office. It was the first time he had ever been stung, and within minutes, he was having trouble breathing. He ran across the street, trying to get to a doctor and passed out in their parking lot.

They had to do a tracheotomy on him and life-flight him to a hospital in Cleveland.


blue girl

Also, Jennifer & thunder...

I saw Chuckie Buckets on Bill Maher last night. I will change my opinion of him from "dope" to "jerk."

Yes! I said it!


BG- I saw him as well and wondered if you were watching and swooning. :)

All that was missing was his melon hat.

blue girl

It's amazing how he doesn't even see that all he's doing is playing a game. And that he feels to play the game *is* the priority. It's a spectator sport for him.

blue girl

Dan Leo: Philly Joe says, "tree lawn".


Bluegirl enjoy your clover! It is actually one of the best ground covers for the environment.
I was asking what to do about my in-ground bees nest too. The expert I asked said she had had one too. She said bees don't like moist areas and don't like a lot of high plants and grass. She said when the season was over and it got cold, she went out and dug it all up and planted a bunch of plants and watered them often then and in the spring.
The bees moved on the next year.

I hope BK is feeling better.


Oh, poor BKid. I hope he's feeling a lot better now.

Neddie Jingo

I discovered two summers ago that I'm allergic to yellowjacket stings, a condition that arose after multiple stings over time.

I took a course of therapy involving microscopic quantities of venom, applied over about six weeks, and now I'm THEORETICALLY no longer allergic -- a proposition I am very reluctant to test.

I keep an Epi-pen current just in case. It's a scary thing, knowing that a tiny little bugger can kill you.


I don't like anything that makes me scream like a little girl.

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