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Ken Houghton

"I was a fag in New York/I was gay in L.A."

Along with

"We're droppin' heroin with the president" and "booze and pills and powder/You got to choose your medicine" reminders of when the Stone still mattered.


I saw the post title on my blogroll, and thought "OMG BG HAZ GONE KINKY!1!"

zombie rotten mcdonald

sounds like you had a zombie kind of day.


blue girl

I actually got into a *fight* yesterday. I mean a real one. Well, not a physical one, but a verbal one.

I was attacked. It was wild. It's never happened to me before. I was traumatized. lol But, I'm not traumatized anymore. I think I'll write about it, if I can whittle it down to 100 words.


Blue Girl, I am glad you are getting over your trauma. Some people just walk around ready to explode all over the first person they see a chance to go off on. I had gone a long time not knowing that, but I work in a store now and it is amazing how many people think it is appropriate to go in a store and have a melt down. Just be glad you don't have to put up with that person full time.

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