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Very pretty pictures! A perfect representation of fall. (even with the photoshop)

zombie rotten mcdonald

The trees in our yard are like that. We've got one old 'weed' tree, a dogwood I think, that grew by accident 60 years ago or something like that, so it's immense; and a silver Maple that gives us helicopters in spring and leaves in fall, and both of them have over half their leaves left, while the street trees are nearly bare.

And it's tricky, because the city stops leaf pickup in mid-November, so if we don't get em raked out there, they sit under the snow all winter, muttering dark thoughts to themselves....

blue girl

Thanks, Von!

ZRM, I've been thinking about you. Remember that photo I emailed you last year? Of all the pretty color? Although, I do think this has been the best fall ever for gorgeous color, that area (in that shot from last year) has not changed much at all! I was gonna take a photo and then post the two side by side. Weird how last year that area was on fire and this year -- not so much.

Your silver maple sounds pretty.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Remember that photo I emailed you last year? Of all the pretty color?

Until I got my new iPhone, that piccy was my screen on my phone. Now it's this:

Your silver maple sounds pretty. when it's not dropping seeds, or leaves, or branches. Living things are so messy.


LOL at the photoshop. You should get a huge banner made with trees printed on it and hang it back there. Like an old John Wayne movie.


I'm jealous of your trees, but not of the raking they bring. I live in a relatively new neighborhood, with sadly scrawny trees. Trees are part of what make a house look like home! Especially in the fall.


Nice trees, BG! It's been very colorful around here.

But then winter sets in and lasts forever, darn it.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Second what Kathleen said, but make it two sided, and have the other side printed with zombies and monsters and spiders and LARGE GLOWING EYES, looking out at Naked Boy...

Dan Leo

Vehhhrrry nice.

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