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Dan Leo

And I'm still trying to figure out why the O-Man got the prize. For not being John McCain?


That would be the reason, Dan Leo. And by extension, not being Bush and Cheney.

Our Western society quite openly embraces war as a means of solving problems and for quite some time now has fashioned its entire social and economic structure around the preparation for war.

This is hugely evident in the pages of the so-called liberal Washington Post. It's a big problem when a war-monger paper like that gets to wear the label 'liberal'.


Saw that. Good to see Taibbi's stayed consistent. Would have been disappointing if he became an Obama apologist. Here's a couple others ,from Cocktailhag and Arthur Silber.

A followup here. (Can't link it directly, so scroll down to post of Oct. 10)

If you have to argue with the imperial cheerleaders (such as at the WaPoo) , Silber has some good points on how not to do it, in Fools For Empire (Part II, with link to Part I)

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