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Hey, remember the worn (and patched) jeans on After the Goldrush?


And like a great pair of worn jeans they're also never out of style... the man just keeps on rockin'. Love it, B.G.

Serious Implications

Very nice performance and good sound quality for YouTube.

Are you familiar with James McMurtry (Larry's son)? Good guitar player and song writer. Probably a good batch of genes.


Such a great song. Neil's one of the most timeless musicians around.

Dan Leo

Hey, was that BG singing background on the left there?

blue girl

Dan, I always wanted to give being a back-up singer a try. :( Never did it. Maybe I should write Neil a letter.

Heard this yesterday while grocery shopping. Musak's really changed over the years. I wondered how many people, all in different aisles, were singing this together but just didn't know it.

Aw, and it's kind of making me sad listening to it now. We found out a few hours ago that BK's old, cool beater is gone for good. Something about the engine. Oh well. Another phase over. Good memories, though.

blue girl

Let's kick it up a notch.

Oh, hello Mr. Soul...

zombie rotten mcdonald

I love Mr. Soul.

my favorite version is by Bongwater, of the Bridge school benefit/tribute album.


Hey BG, have you any word lately from Neddie J? His blog's gone eerily quiet and some of us excitable regulars are becoming a smidge unnerved.

blue girl

I love it too, ZRM. Got a great harmony worked out for it.

Just in case Neil's reading...

Hey Q--R, Haven't heard from Neddie in a couple of months. I'll email him.

El Snacktator

El goes with everything!

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