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Thanks BG. I hadn't done a pencil drawing for it's own sake in a long time. They're always a means to an end.

I like yours as well. By the way, the new bangs look nice. :)


Is this the same color as the cookies?

zombie rotten  mcdonald

I recommend you send cash with that entry.

Whoa..! Looks like you lost a little Too Much weight there, kiddo. Nice haircut, though.



Too, too good, BG. still laughing. And how I love Bored to Death. Ted Danson is even better than he was in Damages. Going now to do my own self-portrait...

blue girl

Hey everyone!

ZRM, you *know* you fear my talent!

Brenda, Ted Danson is so excellent on that show. Love him. I've actually spent a few days now writing different story lines, introducing myself as a character on that show. I want to work with those guys!


I am laughing because I made a stick figure joke at the ZRM/AG Empire before I came over here. Great minds think alike, although mine had to stoop down to add something from the gutter.

blue girl

Great minds think alike

Don't let you-know-who hear that, he will want to eat them, seeing how superior they are!

zombie rotten  mcdonald

I heard that.

Dan Leo

Okay, if this drawing is accurate you need to eat something right away.

blue girl

Will someone please get me a cheeseburger?!


First Picasso goes through his "blue period", now you. Talk about great minds thinking alike!

zombie rotten  mcdonald

I hope that goes up on your picture wall, BG.

Kathleen (in Oakland)

I love it so much


/ \
/ \
/ \
< >

A little askew, but I had some trouble with the digital changeover . :)


Two things are missing: your crown and thrown.

zombie rotten mcdonald

... and a box full of bribery cash.

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