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zombie rotten mcdonald

Back when I had employees, I offered health care. I saw year over year increases averaging 18%. we had a great insurance agent, who helped us modify and switch plans to keep things under some kind of control, but still....

And this was BEFORE the 'crisis'. As an employer, I could see it coming. As a liberal, I was furious.

And the insurance companies don't care, as long as they can shovel 30 or 40 million to their CEOs every year.

I'm with Skimmer though. I can't watch the bullshit from the Village anymore. Chris Matthews makes 5 million a year, and he can't see a problem; it all becomes a political game to them.

Meanwhile, 40,000 die this year. Just like last year. About a hundred today. and tomorrow. And tomorrow and tomorrow....


In January 1994, conservative commentator William Kristol wrote a widely read memo urging Republicans to take an aggressive stance on the Clinton health care plan. His detailed advice came down to two words: "kill it.", sight unseen.

2009: Bill Kristol has the same advice, health care costs have become a crisis in the past 15 years, and Bill K. is getting published in the 'liberal-biased' Washington Post.

Can anyone see the problem here?

P.S. The WaPoop has ten pundit finalists. I said I was going to enter that contest, but decided that the pet humiliation involved (picture, no money, real name) wasn't worth it. I'll post my entry on my blog - IF I ever finish it.

Dennis Perrin

Pssst. It's the system, y'all. Personalities are distractions. We're owned by corporations. Democrats represent them, not us. What more do you need to see?

Dan Leo

Some months back we lost MSNBC from our basic cable service. I can't say I miss it a whole lot.


I had a financial adviser who showed me example after example after example of every time Money Magazine was wrong. Thus, I no longer consider it worthy of my attention. This goes for WaPo, too. It is nothing but a rightwing rag; not even a shadow of the once great paper it was under Katherine Graham.

blue girl

American families aren't going to be able to absorb a 25% increase in health care premiums. And on top of that, they're gonna phase out co-pays?

Maybe it's the messenger's wrong in this case. I sure hope so. I don't know though.

Seems to me they're trying to turn this country into a third world country deliberately.


It seems to me they will screw us while they can... but they may be writing their own obituary. Who's going to want private health insurance at those rates? We will all go with the public option for certain if it is offered.


I believe I've heard it called Corporate Communism... we hate communism, but not if we believe someday we'll be at the top of the pyramid.

I do hope the insurance companies are writing their own obituaries, but believes it's going to be a bumpy ride up until they die.

In the meantime, I can't watch that much news anymore. The Skimmer is correct.

sidney independent

I am addicted to MSNBC and I didn't hear this. The healthcare issue is so depressing.

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