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zombie rotten mcdonald

I don't think you're a schmoe. You're a Singer!

Keep in mind that BK will also learn from how you and Skimmer deal with how hard and rotten things are. And learn from your example. And no-one's ever too young, or too old, to learn from good examples.

I also really like the Wrestler, which I saw last weekend when U-verse had a free premium weekend. Thanksgiving couch potato zombie!!


BK has a super awesome mom, and I'm sure he knows it. Besides, some parents, like my mother, either totally avoided all talk of real world, or sugar coated it, and that's not a benefit to the child either. Balance, it's all about balance I think.

zombie rotten  mcdonald

I think Von has a point.

The real world will eff you up if you're not careful, and forewarned is forearmed.

Or at least BK can wear a cup.

Larry Jones

What you said was only part of the message you've been sending the kid. Other parts of it include your love of music and words, your fine sense of humor, your Mother's Love for him, and so much more. All these things he'll take with him into the world. You're a great mom.


Thanks for the linky love, Queen Schmoe!

Life is tricky... I don't want to set my lamblets up for the idea that there can be a Pollyanna existence, but I do want them to know that they can be proactive and not just reactive.

I'm sure BK has gotten a mix of wonderfulness... I'm sure there are days he'll curse you and days when he'll know he couldn't have gotten better parents. It's the way it is. :)

Also- there's a surprise on its way to you... Keep your eyes open!

blue girl

Thank you, everyone, for all your kind and supportive words. I've gotten to a place where I'm seeing a whole lot more negative than positive and I'm just being too damn vocal about it. The Skimmer has been joking that I am attempting to steal his place and outlook of life and he will have none of it! lol

ZRM, I really liked The Wrestler, too, even though it devastated me. I'll be thinking about it for awhile. Mickey Rourke was really, really something in that movie.

...and days when he'll know he couldn't have gotten better parents.


blue girl

Should've added....I would have commented sooner, but I've been dealing with Major Schmoes all morning!


Very well put. We don't want them to ever have a bad day, ever get their heart broken, ever crush unrequited, ever have anyone do anything but tell them that they are wonderful beyond words.

But they will. And teaching them how to take that hit and get up again, as hard as it is, is part of the job.

Like the sneaker commercial says-fall seven times. Get up eight. (

zombie rotten mcdonald

Major Schmoes should be demoted to Captain.

zombie rotten mcdonald

I've gotten to a place where I'm seeing a whole lot more negative than positive and I'm just being too damn vocal about it.

reminds me of the Raygun era. Nihilism was a proper response back then.

But there's no punk music. except for Bad Religion and I've been told they do not count.


Remember in the 80s, when they told us life was a bitch, then we would die? We'll we're still alive.

BK has a couple of pretty amazing parents, and he's sounds mature enough to handle some unvarnished truth. Because there's nothing inaccurate about what you said, BG.

blue girl

That was a great spot, Michael.

lol @ Major Schmoes should be demoted to Captain. At the end of the day, all the Major Schmoes came through. Things are looking up!

Brando, I've been thinking of that phrase all day. lol I was thinking...I went from knowing and believing and teaching him that Life Isn't Fair. Which I think is a good thing to know and understand and try to do with it what you can -- to Life's a Bitch and Then You Die. lol

And that just does not work for me! Wade ain't got nothin' on me... lol


Everything I learned about the world I picked up from Sylvia Plath. Hm, is that a roast in the oven?

Dan Leo

Still, it's better to be a Major Schmoe than a mere Private Schmoe!


(Belated 2c)

Dear Queen Non-Schmoe,

Being made aware of others' struggles, and sometimes pathos, might give a fuller, and ealier appreciation for his life, with you & The Skimmer. Might even spur him to avoid some pitfalls/fools' gold/traps, etc., that come his way, that might lead to dead ends that trip up many. As for Eldrick Jr, famous people, are just people, and the public image isn't always (almost never?) the same as reality. . The sooner that realization sinks in, the better.

Ps, standing O for Jennifer . :) *clap,clap*

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