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Bob Seger made songs perfect for singing loudly in your car.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Can You and Neddie work something out?


I agree with your thoughts on lavender.

blue girl

I have a feeling Neddie would run screaming in the opposite direction of anything Bob Seger. lol I love those nine seconds though!

And yeah, lavender? And how 'bout that chunky type? Not good. lol

blue girl

Is it just me? Or is it taking everyone forever to post a comment on Typepad these days? So slow!


Or is it taking everyone forever to post a comment on Typepad these days?

I read this as "Is it taking everyone forever to post a post"... and was thinking, yes... :)


Wow!! I love this song, yet had forgotten all about it! Thanks for posting this, iTunes here I come!


give this lady a microphone!!!

blue girl

I listened to this song so many times last night that I am now sick to death of it. lol Those nine seconds aren't even getting me anymore.


Sounds like you needa new drug, b.g.




Hey!! The word verification is still there!



Ok, this is getting weird, first you post the song *SEAGULL* by Bad Company--always been a connection for me with Wrestling Kid, now this. *ROLL ME AWAY* has always conjured up memories of my father and my brother (your boyfriend!!) riding motorcycles, midwest, just gives me sweet thoughts of them. I was just telling Cooler that our connection comes from forces that are beyond us.....sounds crazy, but think of where we were born and tell me there isn't some truth.

blue girl

thunder, one that won't make me nervous, wondering what to do?

Jennifer, I'm trying to figure it out. lol

Jenny, "and tell me there isn't some truth"

I'm here to tell you it's true! It's fun, crazy stuff. Now, I've got to listen to it again and again, thinking of you thinking of them.

I wish there were pictures of you and me lying in those little plastic beds. You know, the room where they put all the newborns in. Wonder if we were in the same one? Or had the same nurse who thought we were cool and she told us both the same stories or something. Think of that! Maybe she said to me, "You know, there was a little blondie in here six months ago that I think you would've really hit it off with."

lol Love that thought!

blue girl

Jenny, click here to see when Bob Seger was born.

More fun, crazy stuff!



Love your idea about the nurse *hooking us up* in our little plastic beds!! Hey, I believe!! Another cog in the coincidental (?) wheel.....Bob Seger's b-day on the same day as yours. I don't even find it strange at this point, all meant to be.



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