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El Snacktator

El is also friends with Mr. Frampton. Or maybe El should say, "Mr. Frampton is friends with El."

El approves of classics. El is a classic.


You can hear all the Foghat you'll ever need with one drive through Wisconsin...

BG- I did better with songs that were not my favorite as well. I don't know what that says.

Pinko Punko

Good ol' Free Bird.

Dan Leo

I think it's funny that kids nowadays will dig music that's forty or forty-five years old (like the Beatles), which is something that wasn't the case so much when I was a kid. If we listened to something that was ten years old it was considered a golden moldy oldy. And with rare exceptions we definitely weren't listening to stuff like big band music from the 40s...


Dan- I was just discussing something similar... how the generational gap, while still very present, is not as present between me and my kids as it was between me and my parents. I was saying how in the 70's, if I watched a movie made in the 50's, it seemed like a different world! But... that if one of my kids watched a movie made in 1990, the difference wasn't as great. Grizzled said he thought it was due to the 60's and how there was such a large leap there...that the 50's to 70's had such a huge cultural difference. Now... not so much.

blue girl

You know the rhythm is right...

blue girl

I agree with you guys. But, I do remember just loving all the 50s music when I was young. Also loved Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. But, now that I think about it, say I was 15 -- that kind of music wasn't going back all that far. Hello? Why did I just have to put that in writing? lol


But, now that I think about it, say I was 15 -- that kind of music wasn't going back all that far.


I liked it, and listened to it, but it still felt like another world. The Beatles don't sound like another world to me, or my kids.


You only could tell by the size of their cellphones:

Larry Jones

Each generation embraces a culture and a musical form explicitly designed to alienate the previous generation. As a kid I loved a style of music that my parents experienced as "just noise." Each generation of musicians then learns more about music and gets more sophisticated, producing more complex and difficult music, until the next generation comes along and (probably rightly) calls their elders a bunch of fuddy duddies (or in the words of Johnny Rotten, "filthy old buggers") and starts the cycle over again.

I still love my raunchy R&B, but my taste has expanded forward to include Lady Gaga and backward to Billie Holiday. I'm proud and flattered, though, to discover that some kids (Blue and otherwise) are actually liking the music I grew up on.

Still, I wouldn't argue with the Kid about how cool you are, cuz you're not. At your age, you can't be.

Dan Leo

It's great though to get older and just find stuff that you dig, whether it's something from "your" generation or not.

I've been listening to Sinatra like a Goddam Madman for the past three days! (Including right this second!)

blue girl

Still, I wouldn't argue with the Kid about how cool you are, cuz you're not

Hey, hey ... hey now!


Blue Kid and his friends are now into these things they call "vinyl" that they order off the Internet. And vinyl are these disk-type things with grooves in them. And you put them on this weird old machine and drop a needle into the grooves and music comes out.

Kids these days!

zombie rotten mcdonald

Aren't the Beatles classic rock?

Beege, you tell BK to give me a shout. I've got a closet full of old "records" (they're like big, black cds).

Course, much of it is what you're calling "classic rock" so that's probably a bust.

Classic rock. Huh. I took that stupid test, and apparently all the punk has washed most of that old seventies junk out the ear. In any case, no Foghat.



blue girl

ZRM, next time I am graced with BK's presence, I'll ask him why he doesn't consider the Beatles classic rock, because he doesn't for some reason.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Also, tell him I have a closet with about 8 linear feet of vinyl.

zombie rotten mcdonald



LOL at your vinyl comment, BG. Ten years from now the kids will be buying retro rotary phones just to be more cool than their iPhone-using parents.

I listen to more new music now than I ever did when I was younger, because it's so much easier to find what I like. And 90% of that music wouldn't exist without classic rock.

It's like the argument I have with TLB about The Beatles: I tell her most of the music she likes is the way it is because of The Beatles, but she can't stand any Beatles songs. Sigh, the things we do for love.



Number One, So glad to hear there's a new Lamott out... should I read it? I bet I should.

and B). No, the Beatles are not Classic Rock, although of course they are classic (and beyond. I consider their stuff to be melodic scripture). Just to split hairs, 'cause I'm all about that, I'd say some of the early Beatles is classic Rock-n-Roll/Pop, then Psychadelic, then maybe a couple of Acid songs mixed in there... I dunno. With Abbey Road, I really think they transcended, y'know, everything. I'm an Abbey Road partisan.

Classic Rock=Stones, Led Zep, other so-called "album-oriented rock" bands. Aerosmith.

So glad that my kid is into it all, really, and loves the vinyl, too.


Well done, Blue Girl.

There's a DJ on a station here who plays a vinyl track every day at 2:30-it's a really cool little journey back in time.

If you haven't read Lamott's NON fiction, do so-very, very highly recommended. All of it.

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