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zombie rotten mcdonald

Ha. Fortunately, as a Rush fan, I never experience other people criticizing music I love.

Sounds like a lovely day. I will be getting up early to teach very small children to fight.


Practice hard, B.G.!

P.S. For teh ZRM: Strike First Strike Hard Show No Mercy!
-Cobra Kai


I've been reading all over the intertubes that all these people don't like Billy Joel; that somehow he's not a real composer or singer; that he's lightweight and not up to snuff; and that anyone who does like Billy Joel is a fool.

HUMPH! I've not listened to him in ages, so thanks for the song, BG. I always did like Billy -- Piano Man, Mr Bojangles -- and I always will. So there.

And glad I have company out there, because I know I'm no fool. ;)

Have a lovely time singing for the wedding. What fun!

blue girl

Have fun, ZRM. lol And you KNOW I thought of you when I read Michael's post.

thunder, I wasn't even allowed to practice! The priest was mean and threw us out of the church! True story. He had places to go -- no time for our shenanigans!

Wren, I read an article about Billy Joel a long time ago. I think it was in the NYT's Magazine. And the article mentioned that he had never been taken seriously by the critics, that they had always dismissed him for the reasons you wrote above. And guess what? The article said that always really hurt him. Stupid critics! Who probably couldn't write a song if their lives depended on it.


I'm touched you noticed, Blue Girl. Thanks.

I have read quite a bit about Mr. Joel over the years-he used to rage against the critics, sometimes taking time out during a show to read their reviews to the audience and mock them. Of course, there's also the line "There's a new band in town/But you can't get the sound/from the story in a magazine" from "Still Rock N Roll To Me".

I just hope, someday, he will see how many fans have appreciated his work (even the lesser known parts of it-like the song you picked, which is one my wife and I consider "Our Song".) and how much joy and comfort he has brought to so many.


Long may he live, the poort guy -- he so struggles with addictions, alcohol--the demons/talents that produced all those great songs.... slowly destroy him, I suspect.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of us who wanted to be the Piano Man in the 70s and 80s.

When will we realize.... Vienna waits for us...

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