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Man, you're like my Soul Promoter.


Love that shot of Obama myself, BG. And Tiger ... what to say about Tiger. I think Colbert was spot-on, particularly about what Tiger learned from his mistakes. Heheh.

Here's hoping you're feeling more rested and that you've had a good meal since you posted about your life "passing you by." Not. Nothing wrong with a day spent relaxed and not worrying about everything. You go, grrrrl.


1. Tiger never talked about anything but golf. 2. Tiger had numerous sex partners. 3. Media discovers Tiger's sex stories. 4. Media, comics and certain parts of population get jacked up and go into feeding frenzy. 5. Tiger say he's sorry. 6. Frenzy continues. 7. Tiger returns to golf.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Tiger who?


man, one Tiger post, and your 'recent comments' fills up with viagra salesmen....


Man, as much as I dig FB, I miss the pre-FB days of wild and woolly blogging.

Anyhow, I hardly visit blogs anymore and I am lesser for it.

Bluegirl, Kathleen, anyone who remembers me can friend me at:

Bob Salsbury

Sigh, it doesn't bring back the past glories and gories but it's better than a kick in the teeth :-) Say, anyone else besides me noticing the sea change? The teabaggers are being washed out and the Great Recession is starting to ease. Hope and change, baby, it never fails.

blue girl

My blog friends are such hippies, starting all their comments with Man... :)

lol @ Kathleen.

Bobness, Have we lost you to FB? I can't tell you how much I resent Facebook and Twitter. Come back to us Bob! We need your writing, man.

zombie rotten mcdonald



True Story. Dude.

blue girl

Believe it or don't!


Man, what's the deal with F book anyways?

blue girl

F book is right!

I'm going to start a club called "Keep Writers Off of Facebook."

Yes! I am going to! No one can stop me!

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