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Dan Leo

There's this strain in the American character that believes that being rich is the ultimate good. You can see a manifestation of this in the TV evangelists who flaunt their expensive suits and jewelry. The worship of clowns like Trump, the worship of rich movie stars and singers and athletes...


It's like they have metal plates in their heads that commonsense can't penetrate. It drives me insane.

Yet Limbaugh and Beck go right to the ganglia.

They have a separate reality created for them. Now focused tested by Luntz, and underwritten by Koch Industries and such as.

Claire Helene

It's like they have metal plates in their heads that commonsense can't penetrate. It drives me insane.

YES. GOD. It drives me absolutely crazy.


Workers who subscribe to Repuglicanism have been around a lot longer than Limbaugh, etc.

FDR, for example, had to deal with Dixiecrats, conservative Westerners and ultra conservatives Midwesterners despite having a mandate for his agenda. Truman was barely able to keep his White House afloat because of right wing attacks.

As I see it, Ike was a moderate but he placated the right wing with Nixon as VP ... and that was the door opener Repugs had been waiting for. Once Tricky was in power, well, we've seen the slide this Country has taken since then.

Why workers support Repugs? Blame it on ignorance, generations of it, and a U.S. economy that's been mostly cruel since the 1800s (except the post WW II boom).

Sadly, I don't think we've reached bottom. Partly because Democrats can't seem to find a voice that stirs the working class and because, even when they have a majority, they fear the Repugs.


Maybe the only good thing to come out of this disaster is the exposure of this corporate ass-kissing by Republicans once and for all. They're tripping over themselves to walk both sides of the fence but when push come to shove their pockets come first. It's there for all to see, if only those with the "metal plates" could see it.


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Bridget Callahan

I think political parties in this country are on par with religions. As in, you kind of automatically are what your family is. More often than not, you will vote the same way. Though this is not only the case, it certainly seems a large enough chunk of it.

And then there are the supposed ideologies. On one side, the salvation of our souls is being the savior of mankind. On the other side, the salvation of your soul is something only concerned personally, with the amount of validation you receive, the points you earn in this lifetime.

They are both dangerous.


Nothing will change. Turn out the energy efficient light. It's over.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Buck up, Skimmer There's always Summerfest:


Anew thing which could make a difference this generation is the net as a forum. Never before have I seen so many views so openly shared. New viewpoints may lead to us heading off in a better direction. I hope.

Kathleen Maher

Hear, hear, Blue Girl: couldn't agree more. (You started an intriguing discussion.)
Personally, I suspect religion is in its death throes. People still go through the motions but the sense that their myths are fading spurs them into a frightening fury.
Worshiping the rich? Most people I know have that tendency, which I'll never understand. One of my own myths is that people don't acquire vast wealth except at others' expense and their own decency. Or they inherit it but their legacy includes crimes.

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