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The irony is, from the late 1700s through the 1960s, the general public has been rather ignorant about the comings and goings of the US government.

Why the 1960s? Mostly because of newly developed mass media news and information and the coming of age of a large youth population ... one which was, in main, idealistic and educated.

I suspect prior to the 60s, few people knew the frequency of recessions and depressions in the US economy. Nor did they understand the intuitional bigotry within government or the wholesale environmental abuses commonly practiced in the name of progress.

I doubt very few people knew the origins of World War II trace directly back to Teddy Roosevelt and his imperialistic moves (ie, making illegal treaties, claims and military excursions in Asia).

Today, there's a paralyzing effect on citizen action due to the size and scope of global and regional problems. I dare anyone to offer viable solutions - that will be acted upon in a timely manner - regarding over-population, climate change, poverty, corporation's excesses, etc.

Despite the potential of global information and good intentions, ignorance still rules the day.


All true, BG. I wonder what will become of us?

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