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Pray Love Eat is a movie about praying mantises.

Ken Houghton

Don't slander Air Supply (iirc, Jim Steinman told an interviewer from Q that they were easy to work with, since they had no personality at all) by comparing them to Phil Collins!

My salute to the new Julia Roberts movie will be to instead try to read this.

blue girl

Poor Phil Collins. No matter how much I defend him, it just seems to keep getting worse for him. lol

Also, why didn't I think of that parody book?!?! Dammit! That's pretty funny.

Kathleen Maher

Maybe that's what I should do: see movies twice. I used to think I never remembered anything because I focused too much on someone's hair or whether his or her strange new smile was the result of plastic surgery or overly ambitious dental work.
Or else because the rose that blooms in Scorsese's "Age of Innocence" gave me such a migraine, I had to take a cab home, leaving Manny with his boss, who had taken us out to dinner. (We were sitting in the front row when that monster rose engulfed me--and has never fully allowed me to recover.)
But I don't remember anything on DVDs either. Except how much smoke and mirrors were used; how many flash-backs are involved; and whether my cousin's listed among the special effects guys, although I don't think he's doing that much anymore.

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