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So sorry to hear about Woody, BG. That is a hard spot to be in no matter how right it is.

Congrats on the niece!

blue girl

Thanks, Jennifer. It was such a hard, sad morning.


Beautiful post - you always have such a way with words.
Sad about Woody, sending hugs.

Southern Beale

So sorry about your loss. We have had to put down several beloved family members in recent years -- both feline and canine -- and there is always that doubt. Did we wait too long? Was it too soon? Was there a chance of recovery? Did the treatment make her last months of life miserable? There's never a right time to say goodbye. But Woody is lucky to have had you.


Aw, I'm sorry about your pet. A close friendship with an animal is a very special thing. It's hard to know when to let go.

But what a perfect moment for your niece - to have so much riding on her turn and then to bring it home for the team.

Such joy and sadness on the same day. Hope the rest of your day goes well.

Kathleen in Oakland

you're a very special person BG

blue girl

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. It's been such a bittersweet day.

Just got the news that when H got home, a boy on her team had sent her a dozen long stemmed pink roses -- they were waiting for her on her front porch with a note that read, "Congratulations on your grand slam!"

So awesome. So proud of that girl!

Larry Jones

Great story, beautiful post. My condolences about the Woodster. I know you gave him a good life.


My condolences, BG.

I know the pain of losing a kitty.

I'm glad you had some happy niece news to ease the sorrow.


Condolences as well, BG, so sorry about your pet. But happy you had that moment to bring you joy. What a collision of emotions!

Claire Helene

Oh Blue, this post. My heart is with you - in joy and sadness - with this story. Hugs to you. Fist pumps for your niece. xoxo


I'm so sorry about Woody, BG. But so happy for your niece. Winning a game like that is a moment that stays with you the rest of your life. Good for her.




What a wonderful, sad, horrible, terrific day.

Just like life.


Sorry about your dear kitty. I was a wreck for days before we put Bubba down. No--years.

But isn't life funny that way. It gives you something to pull you up. Hope you're doing better.

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