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Don't forget the garden gnomes!

Make them magical ones, so they can grant you three wishes.

Larry Jones

Maybe you could print out that last picture and resize it so you can tape it up in the window facing that part of the yard...

Kathleen in Oakland

I heart you so much BG.

when you put in that cherub I almost died of laughing.

Claire Helene

I like the bird bath! And all the pink. :)


Ok, it said my comment was posted, but I don't see it. It's okay, Thunder stole it earlier.


He stole your thunder.

Wait what?


Will BG finally get something to grow?

Will she survive the Skimmer's rants of "HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST"?

Will she be able to handle all the bees that are sure to show up?

Join us over the next few weeks.
Same Blue time. Same Blue channel.

zombie rotten mcdonald

in our yard, my solution has been lots of dog poop.

It's not particularly attractive, but it does keep the kids off, and seems to be self-sustaining.

Kathleen Maher

One year I planted a lot of (white) impatiens in full sun, not knowing better. But the summer was one of record rainfall, and the impatiens grew knee high.
What are those spikey pink and yellow flowers in the back?
Do bird baths work? Do bird really come and take baths?


csnnot wait to see photos


or maybe some garden GNOMES, BG. I Love garden gnomes. And you don't even need to plant them. Or water them.


If you get the Garden Gnomes before Beltane they'll plant themselves. The you'll have lots of little Garden Gnomes for the Summer!

Azalea's may work, though you'd have to Tent them come the Winter.

Did you plant yesterday? It was Perfect for it!


So, um, whilst you wait for spring....
Please go eat at B Spot and tell Michael Symon that I LOVES him.

Kevin Wolf

I'm looking forward to seeing the garden pics!


Great! You need to ad one of those colored sun balls to your garden along with colored lights on your fence; while your at it you could put up a gazebo. What a Beautiful Garden your mind has...

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