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Why weren't we talking about War and Peace, about how to live, about how to reconcile sexual passion with daily life, about magical garden gnomes?


The thing is that nobody becomes a writer because of his or her tremendous ease with social interactions and the spontaneity of the spoken word.

Great essay. It read rather like a fever dream.

blue girl

thunder, do you think the magical garden gnomes would have the power to calm the winds, stop the rain, and allow the sun to shine? For just a bit?

Jennifer, great way to describe it. That essay was very good. Loved it.

Kathleen in Oakland

no. they guard the hose.


That was awesome, and I wish I had had the balls to ask Franzen if he had any wheat when I had my chance.

blue girl

Shopping List:

1. Magical Garden Gnomes

2. A Hose


Brando, did you ask Franzen anything at all?

Kathleen in Oakland

BG you forgot
3. profit!!


No, way too intimidated. Went to a reading of his at Iowa the party afterward, which was in the house of a friend of a friend. I was probably about 10 feet from him but I didn't know what to say (especially because I hadn't read The Corrections yet). Only a few people actually went up to him -- he sort of hung out in the kitchen with someone he knew.

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