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Kevin Wolf

Ah, NYC. Saw Joe Jackson walking (loping) down Canal ST. when I lived there.

blue girl

I can totally see Joe Jackson as a loper! :)

Ken Houghton

Yes, the tourists are back. The ones with smartphones are the most dangerous.

Woody&Mia (Broadway in the Fifties, midday, street basically empty except the three of us). Bruce (at a Broadway show). A bunch more, obviously.

Fewer now, since I can look at a smartphone instead of Ed Koch these days.


that at least tourists are looking up, soaking in the scenery. New Yorkers all have their noses buried in their smart phones now.

LOL! I think it's that way everywhere. In Chicago, the tourists were looking up and walking too slow! We have places to go, people!!

Michael Bains
"...Me, pondering things."

I love you, BG! LOL

Jimmy Carter looked right at me and waved from the lime after mass at a church in Lorain. And a fist bump and a few friendly words exchanged with Josh Cribbs are my too most memorable brushes.

Michael Bains

from the lime?! Perhaps it was from the Limo instead. Yes. I'm thinking that that was what he was waving from within.



You live the life! You guys have to make it back to New York to keep adding to your list of "i-cees" Very cool....I could actually picture Dyan Cannon doing that with the champagne bottles...Was Debra Messig before the nose or after? and Billy Bob was that pre or post Angelina, kind of effected the way he looked, trying to get a visual...too Cool.....


Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall at Nobu.

(I believe Harry Keitel or some such was also there, at another table, but details are sketchy.)

Larry Jones

Just sayin': In his prime Winkler was way bigger than Keitel. Still is, come to think of it...

zombie rotten mcdonald

Dennis Miller is no longer a celebrity.

Also, I can NEVER see Maggie Smith in anything without remembering her kicking the shit out of Burgess Meredith in Foul Play.

zombie rotten mcdonald

In his prime Winkler was way bigger than Keitel.

not in physical terms.

blue girl

Dennis Miller is no longer a celebrity.

We saw him in 1995. He had yet to flip his lid. Looked just like himself, too.

And ZRM? Not sure how to take your comment about Fonzie. lol Such intimate knowledge!

yaya, don't know about Debra's nose. And not 100% positive about Billy Bob Thorton. He was NOT wearing a vial of blood around his neck, though.

And MB, "from the lime" -- when I read that I thought, Man! Now what does THAT mean? lol I'm always having to look up stuff on the Interwebs. Sounded *very* proper. :) I read it in my best British accent!

Woody, Mia & Mick. Great "i-cees" as yaya calls them!


I love this post. and that is quite the list of celebrities too.


I saw Blue Girl in New York once, can I call that a star sighting? Hell yes!

(Ditto on Dennis Miller, the waste of a once great brain.)

Mimi Weisel

I was just trolling my son Al/JonSwift's site. I like to read My Mother is a Terrible Person, and I clicked on your site. You certainly have seen a lot of celebrities. I always get tongue-tied and try to act cool if I see anyone. I saw Bob Hope in Washington, DC, when his son graduated from college. He was walking down K Street. I saw Carol Channing in NYC once when I was still married and we saw Joe Namath in a restaurant there too. Your blog made me want to remember everyone I've seen doing things like normal people do. I like the way you write. I'll be back.

blue girl

Hi Mrs. Weisel, I still remember how much I got a kick out of reading My Mother is a Terrible Person! Made me laugh! You've had some pretty good celebrity spots, too. Thanks for the compliment about my writing and I *do* hope you'll be back! I think about Al often. Hope you are doing well.

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