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Happy Mom's Day, BG!

P.S. Nice pictures.


But, it wasn't like I was going to get close enough to put a penny down for scale. So, you're just going to have to trust me when I say he was huge because, guess what?

Slightly skeptical, you know...

blue girl

Thanks for the Happy Mom's Day wishes, thunder! And, I know, I didn't put anything in the post about my telephoto lens. But, trust me! I wasn't all that close to those creepy creatures. I seriously could not take being close. SHIVERS AND CREEPY CRAWLING GOOSE BUMPS.

Michael Bains

Jr is cuter. I think if you'd've kissed him he might've become a prince. You should really try that next time, BG. Who knows?


jane Law

Is it time to move yet??? What was that stupid comment I made about NOT having to do anything right now?!!?!?

blue girl

You're right, MB. Jr. is quite precious. Maybe a smooch would be in order next time. Or, you know, maybe NOT! :)

Jane, it's like living in Jurassic Park!


First one's a frog, second one's a toad. Not name calling at all.

Why did you run over the first one with your car?

blue girl

Leave it to a fish to know his amphibians. But, I'm just a mere homo sapien who says things like: Man, that's a big fish!

And I know, Das Monster von Minden Sr. looks like he's injured. Which made me feel sorry for him. From a distance.


Melville agrees with you:

Be it known that, waiving all argument, I take the good old fashioned ground that the whale is a fish, and call upon holy Jonah to back me. This fundamental thing settled, the next point is, in what internal respect does the whale differ from other fish. Above, Linnaeus has given you those items. But in brief, they are these: lungs and warm blood; whereas, all other fish are lungless and cold blooded.

I just read the post, but not the comments, so I'm probably repeating what others said... the first one if a frog and the second one is a toad. I caught enough of those friendly monsters when I was a kid.


That second one is totally giving you the stink eye.


And do you see? It has thighs. Strong looking, gigantic toad/frog/dinosaur thighs.

Speaking of those thighs made me remember this place. :) They had a large mural of top hat-wearing, dancing frogs. I looked for an image, but could only find this trayl.

The Skimmer

It's a regular Biblical plague!

Where's Chuck Heston when you need him.


I think you should call him Hoppy


Chuck would have merely screamed, "Get your flippers off me, you damn dirty frog!"


of all the people to have senor frog, bg is the first to post pictures?

zombie rotten mcdonald

Charlton Heston Put his Vest On.

Ya gotta lick them toads, BG. Getcha high.

brenda cullerton

Wondering if you ever saw that movie, The Last Wave. It was directed by Peter Weir. All I remember was the rain of frogs before the end of the world. Sorry, don't mean to be such a downer. Loved this post. Wish we had frogs in New York, BG!

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